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Icetoolz Chain Breaker 61A3

    • Icetoolz Chain Breaker 61A3

      Icetoolz Chain Breaker 61A3
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      Icetoolz Chain Breaker 61A3

      So you're out on a ride, the sun is shining, birds are singing and then.....crunch, snap....stop. The chances are very low that this may occur to you, but what if it does? Walk home?

      Especially when out mountain biking all riders should consider carrying a chain breaker as a deraileur that has been destroyed by a stick, rock or crash can end your ride right there unless you can patch it up to get home or at least back to your car.

      Every home mechanics tool kit should have one, and the experienced will have 2 just in case one goes missing or is damaged because nothing stops a bike more definately than the lack of a source of power transmission..........the chain.

      It may mean getting your hands dirty but after just a few minutes you are back on the road. This is a versatile chain breaker that can be used on almost any chain including various brands in 7, 8, 9 and 10 speed varieties. The chain breaker is forged from Cromoly Steel which ensures lightness but is rugged enough to withstand repeated uses. It is compact in design and has a firm working platform to operate from so you won't find the chain slipping around or hanging in no mans land like some breakers on the market. So swing past, or order one today!