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Multi Spoke Key

    • Multi Spoke Key

      Multi Spoke Key
      Price: $10.00
      Accessories Category: Tools
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      Spoke key

      Hit a pothole or dropped off a gutter only to find you have to walk your bike to the repair shop with a buckled rim? Or do you put up with mild buckles that slowly wear your brake pads and slow you down with every revolution? Or maybe it's a case of you needing to rebuild your cherished wheel with a new hub or a respoke? This tool has the bases covered. It has the ability to fit spokes from 10g through to 15g. (g=gauge. Diameter of nipple.) Meaning pretty much every common wheel is covered. Made of high quality forged steel, it will slip into a pocket or saddle bag as it is no bigger than a 50 cent piece. Man's best friend? Well, it won't fetch the paper, and it won't poop on the lawn, but it will keep you rolling on the straightest wheels going round. In stock now. Don't delay and get down to Ivanhoe Cycles to pick one up!