Wilier Road Bikes

Wilier Road Bikes

The story and history of cycling is intrinsically linked to the country of Italy, with many of the worlds most famous riders, races and brands hailing from the country that is recognised as the heartland of cycle sport.

The Giro d’Italia was one of the first major international tours, beginning as far back as 1909, a time when cycle company Wilier had already been in business for 3 years. Although interrupted by both World Wars, the Giro continues to excite the public of Italy and in this technological age, the sporting fans of the world.

Wilier also continues successfully, over the years, providing bikes for professional teams and riders. Over the course of 100 or so years, you would expect there to be some significant points in the company’s history, and in fact, history tells us one of these to be that Wilier fielded a team in the 1946 Giro d Italia, the very first to be held following the devastation of Europe during World War 2. A time of hardship and struggle, but also a time for hope and an eye for the future. Wilier cemented their place as a stalwart of the cycling community, particularly in the bike-mad Veneto region which is also the home of the legendary component manufacturer Campagnolo.

For quite a number of years now, Ivanhoe Cycles have been happily and confidently selling Wilier road bikes. We are proud to be even just a small part of the history of Wilier, a proud family run company with its headquarters located in Rossano Veneto in the foothills of the Dolomites.

Success in racing is what brings publicity and sales, but what brings this success is a balance of fine athletes aboard bikes that are an evolution from previous models. Where lessons have been learned, premium materials identified, feedback acted upon and technology embraced. Bikes that are at the cutting edge of modern design and innovation. Bikes that deliver your power to the road without compromise. Bikes that are built with speed as the prime criteria. But of course, being Italian, a certain degree of style and flair, is more than obvious.

If you too are passionate about cycling. If your only interest in the weather forecast is based upon whether it will be a good day to ride or not. If you already own more bikes than you need but are on the lookout for something special for the coming season, take a look at www.wilier.com/en/products/int/road.

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