New! Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy Models.

New! Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy Models.

The latest generation of Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt mountain bikes is about to be released. Here we explain the models that will be available and why these thunderbolts should be on your shortlist.

The Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt is the most fun mountain bike that you’ll ever ride. Period.

For those that haven’t heard of Rocky Mountain Bicycles, these guys have been around for the last 38 years making some of the best mountain bikes in the world. Their range consists only of mountain bikes. No kids bikes. Or hybrids. Or roads. They all live and breathe mountain bikes.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy

It’s been a mainstay in Rocky Mountain’s range for the last 5 years and it’s been a popular bike because of it’s so versatile. As a store, all we’ve dealt with is the carbon bikes. But we thought for 2019 let’s do something special and bring the same fun and class-leading ride quality to the amateur rider who doesn’t necessarily have $6,000 to spend.

Why we think you should be on a Thunderbolt is because Rocky Mountain has always had this amazing ride quality. Everything becomes easier on a Rocky; jumps, drop-offs and riding technical terrain at blistering speed.

With 130mm of front and rear wheel travel, it’s the perfect all-around mountain bike.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy

These two models will be exclusive to Ivanhoe Cycles.

Here are some key reasons why you should have a Thunderbolt on your shortlist:

/ RIDE 9.

Ride 9 is a key, key ingredient in a Rocky Mountain. With other bikes, you’re fixed into a geometry. The bike forces you to work around it, and there are inevitable compromises. Maybe you want it to climb better? Or, as you get more confident, handle steep, sketchy descents better?

Ride 9 allows you to do just that, except it allows you to set the bike up in 9 different ways. No compromises.

If you’re riding Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park, set the Thunderbolt in its full efficient mode (called Steep). That’s because it steepens the head tube and seat tube, delivering a way better climbing position.

Going to Bright or Mount Buller? Scared of the steep descents? No sweat. Flip the chip into the Slack mode and Thunderbolt lowers and slackens itself, creating a more stable and safe bike on technical descents.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy Ride 9

/ Size Specific Tune.

The rider who needs a medium size frame is going to need a different suspension tune to the rider on an extra large frame. Every size gets a custom tuned rear shock.

Every rear shock is tuned that the rider benefits from:
 + An ultra-smooth small bump compliance (every little tree root and rock - disappears),
 + Mid travel support so that the bike doesn’t wallow in corners.
 + End stroke progression. The more you compress down on that rear shock from a big landing, the smoother it feels. No harsh bottom out at full travel.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy

/ Smoothlink Suspension

This is why you can’t compare the Rocky Mountains just on the suspension travel. These bikes feel like they’ve got way more travel than they do, that’s why they’re so confidence inspiring. You don’t feel as though you’ve reached the limits of the bike.

For 2019, there will be 2 aluminum Thunderbolts to choose from:

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 30

Key Features:
 + Rock Shox Sektor RL paired with a Deluxe RT shock.
 + Shimano SLX 1x11 speed, 3rd best latest generation MTB groupset.
 + Shimano MT500 hydraulic disc brakes for powerful, modulated braking.
 + Shimano M6010 front and rear hubs for easy maintenance and very smooth rolling.
 + X Fusion Manic remote dropper post. One of the best dropper posts on the market.
 + Ride 9 adjustment system.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 30 (2019)

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 10

Key Features:
 + Rock Shox Recon paired with a Deluxe RT rear shock.
 + Latest Shimano Deore wide range groupset with a super wide 11T-46T cassette.
 + Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes.
 + Ride 9 adjustment system.

Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt Alloy 10 (2019)

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