Recreational Mountain Bikes

Recreational Mountain Bikes

We are looking at the broad category of recreational mountain bikes - what are these bikes good and not so good at? What defines them, and what can you expect.

Recreational Mountain Bikes

Recreational mountain bikes are perfect for most youngsters, teenagers and generally for those that want a stable, easy to handle, comfortable and versatile mountain bike.

These bikes usually feature a small amount of front suspension to reduce feedback and improve control when riding on un-sealed surfaces such as coarse gravel and dirt. In most products, the front suspension will also have a lockout feature; allowing the rider to turn the suspension off when it isn’t required, such as on sealed surfaces. 

Recreational mountain bikes are usually cheaper - as they are made for less serious riders, but there are several high quality bikes available. The range of Malvern Star Mountain Bikes are a good example of this type of bike.

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