Giant Anthem or Giant Trance | Mountain Bike Comparison

Giant Anthem or Giant Trance | Mountain Bike Comparison

Should I Consider a Giant Anthem or Trance (27.5 inch)? Most new consumers looking to buy a Giant dual-suspension mountain bike consider one or the other. These are the two most popular dual-suspension platforms that we sell. This is because both are versatile and will suit most riders wanting to ride cross-country and trails. Hence, the following are short sharp descriptions on both platforms that compare key geometric features that will dictate the ride.

Giant Anthem or Giant Trance


The Anthem has always been the bike to address the needs of cross-country riders and it's characterised by 100mm of rear wheel travel.

The Anthem geometry will suit riders who want a highly agile very quick handling and ultra fast race bike. The Anthem will suit riders who are riding fast and smooth singletrack through to technical descents which includes moderate to steep climbs, rock obstacles and berms.

If the terrain that you're riding consists of lots of climbing with mild descents, then 100mm of travel is enough to cope with this terrain and various obstacles. 

GIANT ANTHEM 27.5 1 2015

One of the key geometric points is the 69.5 head tube angle which has a slight bias towards ascending; forcing weight onto the front wheel and allowing riders to climb some seriously steep gradients.

The 43.3-inch wheel base and short 17.0-inch chain stay length (on the Anthem 27.5 range) is the reason why the Anthem is loved as a race bike. Both these features allow competitive racers to change the direction of the bike with minimal effort; perfect when jostling for position in a pack or accelerating the bike from the start line.




The Trance is characterised by 140mm of rear wheel travel. The Trance is suited to riders who want a slight bias towards descending competence without inordinately sacrificing climbing calibre. The Trance's versatility makes it a popular choice amongst riders who want one bike for a variety of terrain; whether it's an epic enduro ride at Mt. Buller, short cross-country stint at Lysterfield Park or tackling some black diamond Downhill runs at the You Yangs.

The slacker head tube angle and longer 140mm travel ensures that the Trance gives its rider more control on very technical descents which could include larger drops, jumps, rock obstacles and high speed berms. 



The Trance 27.5 product range features the most brilliantly balanced trail bike that we have seen from Giant in some time; the result of the new updated trail geometry.

To give riders greater control on technical descents, the Trance 27.5 range employs a 67.0 head tube angle. This is a key geometric feature because it gives the Trance a good balance between climbing and descending.

To further aid climbing and descending on the Trance 27.5, the seat tube angle is a slightly steeper 73.5. The steeper seat tube shifts rider weight forward forcing front wheel traction on steep climbs. On the descents, the steeper seat tube allows riders to shift their weight further towards the rear hub.

Chain stays on the Trance are slightly longer at 17.3-inches. This slightly inhibits the Trance's manoeuvrability, but adds several degrees to its high-speed stability, so that it's incredibly well balanced and controlled on high speed fire roads and berms. 


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