25 Great Benefits of Cycling

 25 Great Benefits of Cycling

Suited for all ages and fitness levels, cycling is a cardio workout of moderate intensity that can frequently be turned into a happy family outing. Being an effective form of exercise, regular biking provides innumerable health benefits.

Boosts immunity

Consistent saddling-up puts your body’s immune system in a better position to fight infections by making the white blood cells (leukocytes) in your blood more active.

Strengthens muscles

The muscles in your legs, back and abdomen work hard to make your bicycle move; this makes them strong and flexible.

Counters insomnia

When you take your bike out habitually, you’ll not only be able to fall asleep faster but also doze better for longer periods.

Keeps you cheerful

All kinds of exercise release endorphins, the feel-good hormones in your bloodstream. Biking, in particular, is an enjoyable outdoor activity that makes your spirits soar and gives you lasting pleasure.

Sharpens your brain

You inhale a lot of fresh air when you venture out on morning rides. Consequently, your brain cells fire up which leads to better cognition and higher productivity at work.

Busts stress

When you go pedalling, higher quantities of the happy hormones are produced in the hot areas of your brain, meaning, your emotions no longer overwhelm you.

Betters posture

The stronger core of cyclists makes it easier for them to retain a good posture through the day.

Benefits pregnant women

When expectant mothers saddle up continually, they facilitate brain-development in their foetus apart from enjoying better moods and easing up delivery.

Expands your lungs

Your breathing becomes deeper and more effective when you pedal rather than drive. Thus, repeated trips build lung capacity.

Assists Type2 diabetes

A sedentary lifestyle is the main contributor to higher blood-sugar levels and the body of active cyclists finds proper use of insulin a breeze.

Makes your heart robust

Pedalling boosts heart function. Further, saddling-up on a day-to-day basis increases the levels of good cholesterol in your blood and reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Delays ageing

The capacity to eliminate harmful toxins makes bike-journeys good for your skin. Your face, thereby, has fewer wrinkles and less acne.

Extends life

Bikers stretch their life-span by perking up cardiovascular fitness, alleviating anxiety, and strengthening their body’s defences against diseases.

Protects against Alzheimer’s

When aged people cycle consistently, the neurons in their hippocampus are activated enhancing memory and helping to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Develops coordination

Your eyes, hand and feet need to work together to steer your bike along without wobbling. As a result, your coordination improves and you become less prone to falls.

Tackles depression

Biking positively impacts the joy-inducing neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Ergo, saddle up and keep away the blues!

Helps you lose weight

While an hour of steady bicycling burns 300 calories, a 40-min ride loads your muscles with fat-consuming mitochondria. Hence, persistent pedalling equals a gorgeous figure.

Limits exposure to pollutants

Unlike car drivers, bikers pedal along the edge of the road which puts a cap on your exposure to air pollutants.

Eases bowel movement

Elevated rates of metabolism, even hours after your trip, expedite the movement of food through your intestines and soften your stools.

Preserves joints

Different to walks, cycle-travels are low-impact cartilage-preserving workouts where the seat bears your weight all the time and not your knees.

Kills tiredness

As riding isn’t an extreme workout, it can be used to overcome fatigue. So, get outdoors on your bike the next time you feel low in energy.

Prevents cancer

According to recent research, cyclists can keep colon cancer and breast cancer at bay by improving cell function.

Beats dysmenorrhea

Besides stronger abs, women bikers have more of oxygenated blood in their system that helps relieve menstrual cramps.

Burns belly fat

Bicycle-rides yield themselves to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and can help shift the oft-stubborn visceral fat in your tummy region.

Quickens recovery

Riding at low speeds stimulates circulation in the ill and the injured, hence, aiding recovery.

Thus, cycling is one of the simplest, cheapest and most secure of exercises that tone up your body and mind.

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