Why Bicycle Helmets are Crucial for Your Safety

Why Bicycle Helmets are Crucial for Your Safety

Riding on a bicycle is definitely an enjoyable activity. If you have good balance and enough confidence you can spin a few good miles down the road with pumping legs and the wind blowing across your face. Yes, a great feeling. But along with the fun and freedom of a bicycle ride, it is important to keep in mind the safety aspect. When you are moving with speed in a p

Dangers on the road

Many cities have special bicycle tracks at the side of the roads meant for safe bicycle riding. However, in spite of these special tracks bicycle riders could still have an accident. If riders are not always conscious of the track boundary line, they could veer a bit on to the main road and be possible targets for any oncoming vehicles.

If this happens and the rider takes a fall, it could result in major injuries. While injuries like broken bones etc. though serious are repairable, any injury to the head can prove fatal. By wearing a bicycle helmet your head will be somewhat protected if you are knocked off the bicycle.

So, the rule is, whenever and wherever you go bicycle riding, you need to wear an approved bicycle helmet – even if you are just going for a joy ride down a country road. Dangers on the road can lurk in many forms. You might suddenly encounter bumps and ditches which could upset your balance.

Or a small animal such as dog, cat, rabbit etc. might dart across your path resulting in your suddenly having to use the brakes and falling off the bicycle. If you are caught in a heavy shower while out on the bicycle with the rain affecting your vision you may not be able to see any obstacle in your path in time, and then take a fall.

There are many and varied dangers that can happen during a bicycle ride. Though the vehicle is simple in itself, and the riding an experience to enjoy, ensure that you use the minimum protection required i.e. wearing a protective helmet.

Helmet selection

Keeping the above possible dangers in mind, helmet selection is your next step. Helmets - both for bicycle riding and motorcycle riding - are easily available in stores selling athletic items. The first guideline is to choose a helmet which has been passed the Australian Standards – this will assure you of its quality.

No use buying a cheap helmet which will not provide your skull with the necessary protection during a fall. The next step when selecting a helmet is to buy one that gives you a snug fit. Do not just go in for design and colour. Try the helmet on and see that it fits well. The helmet should fit squarely on the head, with a slight overlap on your forehead.

No other headgear should be worn underneath the helmet. Be sure to fix the chin-strap provided during actual riding. After using the helmet for some time if any of the fixtures get worn out or become unusable, replace the helmet. Realising the importance of helmet-wearing for bicycle riders, manufacturers have kept helmet prices at a reasonable level so everyone can afford to purchase the same.

Safety for children

Some parents do not realise the fact, but children are also susceptible to meeting with bicycle accidents. Though they may be given smaller bicycles to ride on, if they are allowed to ride in any public area or in the family neighbourhood, accidents as described above can happen to them also.

So besides presenting your child with a bicycle for his or her birthday, make sure you also buy the required safety helmet. If your child is fussy about how the helmet looks, take him or her with you when making the purchase.


Statistics show that thousands of people meet with bicycle-related accidents in a year, several of which cases turn out fatal. So do not think that a bicycle accident could cause just a few scrapes and cuts. Ensure you wear the all-important helmet – it is a safety measure that could save your life.

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