Giant and Liv 2018 Performance Launch

Giant and Liv 2018 Performance Launch

9 new products from Giant and Liv for 2018. Everything you need to know about what's new in 2018 from the biggest cycling brand in the world.

9 New Products from Giant and Liv for 2018

It's the beginning of another season for Giant Australia with the launch of their 2018 product range on 27 July 2017 in picturesque Queensland.

Below is the low down on everything new from Giant and Liv in 2018. 


2018 Giant Reign

When it first got released 3 seasons ago it was one of the best Enduro gravity bikes that money could buy. Now though?

The new Reign benefits from design updates such as the new Trunnion mount rear shock [longer stroke/shorter length rear shock that has superb small bump sensitivity and delivers better control] and a longer front centre for added high-speed stability on very steep trails.

The most important geometry change between the 2018 and 2017 Giant Reign is the reach. Every size has increased by 15mm. Stem length for M [40mm], L [40mm] and XL [50mm] sizes has decreased by 10mm.

Seat tube length for L and XL sizes has decreased by 18mm and 11mm, respectively. This means on the real steep techy trails, riders can easily get their weight over the rear of the Reign. It also lowers the centre of gravity – generating better stability through high-speed sections.

There will be 4 models to choose from in Australia. 2 carbon [Advanced] and 2 aluminium [ALUXX SL]; the Reign Advanced 0 [$8,999], Reign Advanced 1 [$6,499], Reign 1 [$5,999] and the Reign 2 [$3,799].

Check out our product article for further information on each model.


2018 Anthem Advanced Pro 29 and Anthem 29

When the Anthem got released in MY17, we all asked ourselves “So where's the competitive cross country bike?”. Yes, the 27.5 Anthem can do XC, but really, it's more of a light duty trail bike. Brilliant, but not for the purebred racer. Giant didn't have one - until now.

More than 2 years of research and development has delivered the best Anthem 29 platform ever.

The biggest change is the travel [100mm up front and 90mm of rear wheel travel] and a much lower leverage ratio [compared to previous Anthem 29ers] to ensure that every millimetre of that 90 is used efficiently. The trunnion mounted rear shock ensures super-smooth small bump sensitivity, maximum traction and traction under braking – something that's been missing from previous Anthem 29ers when decelerating hard into corners.

Geometrically, the 2018 Giant Anthem Advanced 29 and Anthem 29 have shorter chainstays - an engineering blessing – because the old Anthem was 25mm longer. Cutting 25mm off the rear centre is a huge achievement. It results in quicker power transfer, more agility an more precision.

But what about stability?

Head tube angle on the 2018 Anthem is 69º, compared to 71.5º for the pre-2018 Anthem. The slacker head tube angle creates way more confidence on the steep stuff, better high-speed stability [because it's a longer front centre] and less over-the-bar moments.

Interestingly, Giant have invested a bit more 'trail' bike changes such as a shorter stem [20mm shorter for each size] and wider bars [+30mm]. These features used with a longer top tube [+15mm per size] will deliver better positioning on climbs, whilst deliver better high-speed control on descents – a more balanced ride.

For the nerd out there, we're also going to point out the 2018 Anthem 29 has 89mm of trail compared to the 77mm for previous Anthem 29ers. What does this mean? The new Anthem will hold a straighter line through technical sections; giving you more control and confidence.

For Australia there ,are 4 Anthems in the family; 2 carbon [Advanced] bikes, the Anthem Advanced 29er 0 [$8,999] and Anthem Advanced 29er 1 [$5,999], and 2 aluminium [ALUXX SL] models, the Anthem 29er 1 [$4,999] and Anthem 29er 2 [$3,499].

More information on each will be explained in our product articles soon.

Giant Status FF Helmet

Giant collaborates with 100% to create the Giant version of the Status [RRP $289.95]. Featuring a light fibreglass shell, Active Cooling System for maximum air flow through the lid, compatible with Emergency Helmet Release systems, adjustable visor and washable helmet liner and cheek pads. Available in Matte Cyan and Matte Black [S – XL sizes].


Giant Line and Shuttle Shoes.

New for 2018 is the Giant Line [EU40 – EU48] and Giant Shuttle [EU42 – EU46] shoes. The Line is more of a trail/enduro show, while the Shuttle is designed more for DH riders.

The Line features 2 opposing straps for better lateral fit across the foot and a ratchet buckle. Both shoes are constructed from seamless [no stitching] hydrophilic rubber so that when they're submerged in water, both only get 30 grams heavier.



2018 Liv Langma

The Langma [the local name for Mount Everest] is the women's road bike we've been waiting many years for.

Its name should give you an inkling as to what the Langa is designed for – mountains. It's light – the lightest ever – and it's incredibly responsive and efficient. But there's more to the Langma then meets the eye. The carbon fibre layup is size-specific for the Langma and not optimised for 1 size; so no matter your height, the Langma delivers perfect performance for every rider.

For women who want the best all-rounder [speed, aero, efficiency, comfort, lightness and response] the Langma is definitely the weapon of choice. 

The spec for the best Langma which is the Advanced SL 0 [$10,999] includes a SRAM Red Dzero Quarq power meter. Data is transferred using ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy. The Langma Advanced SL 0 is also 1.75% more aero around the head tube area with the carbon SLR Flux stem [#work of art]. The stem is also used on the Langma Advanced Pro 0 model [Ultegra Di2]. 

The Langma is the broadest product range we've seen from Liv in a long time. There are 3 levels of Langma; Advanced SL 0 [1 model at $10,999], Advanced Pro and Advanced. 

The Advanced Pro level [which has the best performance/value ratio] consists of 3 models; Langma Advanced Pro 0 [$5,699], Advanced Pro 1 Disc [$4,699] and Advanced Pro 1 [$3,599]. 

Lastly, the Advanced range consists of 2 models; the Langma Advanced 1 [$3,199] and Langma Advanced 3 [$2,199]. 

2018 TCR Advanced SL gets Power.

TCR Advanced SL 0 models equipped with disc and rim brakes are now equipped with power meters. For crit racers and serious roadies, this a moment to rejoice. For those looking to further quantify and enhance their training and development, it's a must-have feature. 

Like previous years, there will be a TCR Advanced SL level, TCR Advanced Pro and TCR Advanced.

And with Cycling Australia introducing disc brakes [effective 25 June 2017] to all Club, State and non-UCI national road racing events, the appeal of disc brakes will be greater than ever before. 

Giant Australia have 5 TCR Advanced SL models; the TCR Advanced SL 0 Disc [$11,499], TCR Advanced SL 1 Disc [$6,999], TCR Advanced SL 0 Dura Ace [$10,999], TCR Advanced SL Red Etap [$10,499] and the TCR Advanced SL 1 [$6,499].

2018 Toughroad SLR GX

Brand new for 2018 is the Toughroad SLR GX (Gravel Cross?). Think of it as a relaxed Cyclo-Cross bike, perfect for all-day adventures and touring. Available in 2 models; the Toughroad SLR GX 0 [$2,399] and Toughroad SLR GX 2 [$1,599].

They both use Giant's top-of-the-range SLR aluminium forming method. It's the lightest aluminium frame that Giant engineers and manufactures, and consists of a triple-butted alloy construction. It's lightness and strength make it perfect for all-day adventures.

Frames are full fender and rack compatible and can accommodate up to 50mm wide tyres [comes stock with 40mm tyres]. Another important design of the new Toughroad is that they are Tubeless Ready out-of-the-box. All that's needed is to pour the supplied sealant inside the tyre and you're ready to roll.

Tubeless provides further security against punctures for those adventure riders that are from home, bike shops or civilisation. The sealant will seal cuts in the tyre. If you're old school, then you can still run tubes inside. Both Tough SLR GX models will also feature a carbon D-Fuse seat post. This D-shaped post allows the post to flex substantially more than a circular post, which provides much, much more comfort for the lower back.

The Giant Toughroad SLR GX 2 will come equipped with a Shimano Sora groupset [18 gears] with 2 chainrings on the front and a 9-speed cassette on the rear. Giant Conduct brakes are half mechanical and half hydraulic.

Moving up to the GX 0 delivers upgrades in the brakes, wheels and drivetrain. The 0 build will suit the experienced rider or the rider who rides more dirt/gravel and less sealed. A full hydraulic braking system delivers more power and better control, The PX-2 wheels roll on sealed bearing hubs and are super-smooth [with little to no maintenance]. The SRAM Apex 1 groupset uses an 11-speed drivetrain; the massive rear cassette ranges from a tiny 11T sprocket a 42T. This massive range means there is no need for a front derailleur, so a single ring is used; eliminating moving parts and extra maintenance. The Apex 1 rear derailleur is a robust unit that is designed for rugged trails and singletrack and has a stabiliser unit built into it to eliminate excess chain movement.

For more information, see our individual product pages on these bikes.

Tubeless wheel systems – on almost everything...

Wow, it seems like tubeless was only valid for mountain bikes. Now, Giant is pushing for it to be on almost every model. The benefits?

A. Smoother; there is no friction between the tyre and tube, so the wheel rolls along more smoothly.
B. Better puncture protection; the sealant inside the tyre will seal puncture and cuts. Eliminating the tube inside also means no pinch flats.
C. Traction; the ability to run lower tyre pressures means the tyre can deform more easily over rough surfaces, delivering extra grip and control.

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