Why Buy A Giant Defy

Why Buy A Giant Defy

Traditionally road bikes have been engineered with one focus… create a bike that is as fast as possible from one point to another. Everything else goes out the door!

This is great if you’re a Professional rider, but for 99% of us it is highly impractical. Most of us value a degree of comfort, but to achieve the desired ride with these race machines, in the past we have been required to swap, switch and modify components with varying degrees of success.

Now we can avoid all that!

Giant identified the fact that the aggressive nature of these traditional road racing frames was inhibiting the enjoyment of many otherwise serious road cyclists. So rather than re-inventing the wheel, Giant engineers disregarded the proven TCR race geometry (a bike designed to satisfy the needs of the racing cyclist) and designed a new bike from the ground up. By doing this they have produced a bike that is ideal for those of us that want a great bike, but have no plan to race.

In a nutshell, the top tube length is slightly shorter, with a higher head tube. This results in a remarkable improvement in comfort as the rider sits in a more upright position decreasing neck and back pressure while also reducing the weight carried by the riders arms. However, one can still get down on the drops for a sprint or those longer periods battling headwinds. The wheelbase is also a little longer and this, combined with other design features ensures a more comfortable ride.

When you come across those steep ascents, the addition of a compact crank-set, plus adding a few extra teeth on the rear cassette make hill-climbing a breeze (well for some of us, less daunting anyway).

So how does this translate out on the road?

You can now have a bike that is every bit as stiff (laterally) as a TCR race bike in the critical power & handling areas, yet doesn’t require a youthful, supple body that must bend to the most aerodynamic riding position.

A bike that is every bit as light as the equivalent level TCR, but which, most importantly, a bike that allows you to ride fast for longer.

Every bike in the Giant Defy range, now feature disc brakes, ensuring that each and every application of the brake levers brings the same result…..a smooth, predictable, confidence inspiring braking effort.

Giant Def’s are bikes that will enable you to ride in a more appropriate position, that sacrifices nothing in road handling and is more stable, requiring less rider input in corners. Overall it is a bike that is a pleasure to ride, and really is a far more suitable bike for the majority of us. They are really great bikes!

If comfort is a among your bike buying criteria, or if handling and safety are considerations, not to mention value for money, then it’s time you checked out a Defy.

Best come and try one!

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