4 Bike Rack BuzzRack Platform BuzzyBee

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BuzzRack BuzzyBee Platform Rack - 4 Bikes. Made of steel, the frame is quite elegant, convenient to use and light compared to most products in this category. We use a special outdoor powder coating that will protect your product during intensive use.


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BuzzRack BuzzyBee Platform 4 Bike Rack

The Buzzrack BuzzyBee Platform Range racks are quite different to most of the car racks out there. This one attaches to your tow ball and supports the bike from underneath the wheels, as opposed to the traditional rack holding the bike up by the top tube. 

The frame of the BuzzyBee Platform rack is made of a strong steel material with an outdoor powder coating to keep the platform rack going strong through heavy use and all weather conditions. 

Attachment of the bikes is quite simple. Once the rack is fitted to the car, you chuck the bikes onto the rack and secure the wheels with the straps provided. On the rack, there are pads to protect the rims from scratching, and these straps are compatible with nearly all rim types. 

Another handy feature of this rack that if you want to leave it on the car (without the bikes loaded), it has a simple folding function so that you can get it out of the way and park normally. The rack itself is made to be small enough to fit in the trunk of the car. 

Tow ball mounted.  Note: No.Plate not included

Also available in hitch mount $469, does not include the light plate on the hitch model, but is tiltable. 


4 Bike Rack BuzzRack Platform BuzzyBee

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