Pannier Racks

Are you looking for pannier bike racks for sale?

Pannier racks for road bikes or mountain bikes and hybrids, can be of great help if you need to carry a laptop or other essentials while riding. The racks are easy to attach and enable you to enhance your carrying capacity. There are a wide variety of pannier racks available, usually made from lightweight aluminium, and are generally a universal design to suit most styles of pannier bag. Pannier bags generally are supplied as a pair, but some brands are available individually. Some bags are waterproof which makes them an ideal space to accommodate your clothing, books, laptop etc, on your commute to work or school.

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Our staff are cycling experts, who will be able to offer the best advice with their knowledge and experience if you are unsure which model to select. You can visit our store to check out our collection of pannier bike racks for sale. To know more, you can call us on (03) 8795 1622 (Hallam) or (03) 9450 5222 (Heidelberg). You can also get in touch with us through our online contact form.