Pacific Tag-a-long Trailer

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Buy White Pacific Tag-a-long Trailer at Ivanhoe Cycles. Comes with a quick-release steel folding frame. For quality bicycle collection, Visit our store.


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Pacific Tag-a-long Trailer - Silver

There are pros and cons to all the different "trailers" out there. But having a tag-a-long addition to your bike is a great option for a few reasons:�

�- Rather than you just dragging along an extra load, this allows the child to pedal WITH you.�

�- If they stop pedalling, you can just pedal normally and keep the bike going.�

�- The tag-a-long dips with you when you are going around corners, so you can bend into the corners naturally.�


In terms of specifics for this particular one, we've got a quick-release attachment to the bike, a quick-release steel folding frame (to be easily folded up and stored), normal seat, normal handlebars, front and rear mudguards, adjustable seat height and chain guard. It's basically got all the bells and whistles, minus the front wheel!�

Worth a try, huh?

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