Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels

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Buy Mavic ksyrium elite wheels online at Ivanhoe cycles. A racing wheel for those who needs betterment in speed. Best for smooth and effortless riding.


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Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels

The Mavic Ksyrium Elite road wheel is quite a common choice as a racing wheel or as a general use wheel for those riders who appreciate something "just that bit better". Weighing around 1600gm  the Ksyriums have Maxtal rims with welded joints and machined braking surface for improved strength and smooth braking, stainless steel aero spokes for strength and aerodynamics and lovely hubs with 1st quality sealed bearings which are so smooth and really add to the ride by reducing the effort required for propulsion.

Kysrium, pronounced seer-E-um have been among the most popular after market wheels for a number of years now and have enjoyed the strengthening Aussie dollar by reducing in price in recent times. Hard to go past for quality and now hard to go past for value as well. They are available for Shimano or Campagnolo, so just let us know which it is that you require.  

1550 grams - High end technologies - Ksyrium - new

This wheelset features some of the most high end Mavic technologies, so far reserved to top of the line models: Fore drilling, ISM, Isopulse... All this to make sure you can enjoy the most responsive rides. New consistant Ksyrium family graphic approach. Black or Silver version.




Responsive wheels
Less inertia: ISM
Optimized energy transfer: Isopulse lacing and asymetrical rim

Lighter wheels are faster wheels
A light rim with the same stiffness: ISM machining
Light free-wheel system: FTS-L

Rely on the proven Mavic quality
Rim resistance: Maxtal, SUP welding, Fore drilling
High quality adjustable cartridge bearings:

Weight: 1550 grams
front wheel: 690 grams
rear wheel M10: 875 grams
rear wheel ED11: 860 grams

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