12 Malvern Star Cruisestar Girls Bike

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Buy Lightweight Malvern Star Cruisestar 12 Inch Girls Bike at best price. Bike is best suitable for girls aged between 2 to 4 years. Test drive or Order Now



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12 Malvern Star Cruisestar Girls Bike - White

A light weight bike to start another cycling career!

With its aluminium frame, the Cruisestar is lighter and easier for your little one to pedal than most other 12 inch bikes. 

Of course, this lighter weight also makes it easier for mum to lift in and out of the car or up steps at home.

The Cruisestar is designed for 2-4-year-old girls, and is simple, good quality, and relatively inexpensive when you consider it will provide free entertainment for the next couple of years.

As with all better quality bikes, the Cruisestar has a back pedal brake as they are much simpler to use for younger kids. Some cheaper bikes have handbrakes, but 2-4-year-old hands are not strong enough to operate them safely, so back pedal brakes are preferred.

Malvern Star has been around since 1903, and originated in Malvern, Victoria, although they didn't produce little kids bikes back then. It was the first major Australian brand.

The bike has lots of adjustments available to suit a growing child. The handlebars can be raised or lowered, as well as moved forward or back to increase or reduce the reach and the saddle can also be raised, lowered and moved forward or back.

The chain guard is fully enclosed, to keep their clothes clean, and to make it safe for them if they explore.

The paint finish is durable being baked enamel and will last years without deteriorating. It will even survive being left outside, although it may need the occasional wash.

The training wheels are designed to get them started but are then best removed as soon as your child starts to get their balance. 

We have a huge range in stock ready to go, and you are welcome to bring your child in for a test ride, or if they are in the 2 to 4 age range, why not surprise them for Christmas?. 


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