14 Byk E-250 Lightweight Girl's Bike

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Buy 14 Byk E-250 Lightweight Girl's Bike online at Ivanhoe Cycles. Very light and fitted with 14-inch wheels. A little bigger than the average 12-inch bike.

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14 Byk E-250 Lightweight Girl's Bike

BYK produce lightweight bikes. They are designed to be easier for kids to ride.

This bike has 14" wheels, with tyres designed to reduce the rolling resistance, and make it much easier to pedal.

Add to this the reduced weight, and it enables your child to gain the most enjoyment from cycling. I think most of us encourage our kids to get outside and play, rather than sit glued to the TV, or playing video games, etc.

This obviously increases your chances, when the bike is easier to ride. Also because the bikes roll easier, it gets up to a speed that is easy to balance much earlier, so their riding is likely to progress faster.

The bike has an aluminium frame, wheel rims and handlebars, to keep the weight down, but the key point is probably the 14" wheels fitted with tyres that roll really easily. This means that the bike is much easier to pedal. Quite an advantage when we are attempting to entice them away from the TV. 

The low centre of gravity and the ability to reach balance speed faster is a great advantage when trying to get the kids off training wheels (often quite challenging).

Some kids might have already been on a balance bike and are ready for pedals and no training wheels straight away.  Others might not have ever been on a bike at all so this will be their true first bike. 

 Of course, as with all bikes, age is not the only deciding factor on what size bike is right for your child.  Height, ability and confidence all have to be considered. 

Overall this bikes makes it more likely that the kids will enjoy cycling.


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