20 Malvern Star MX20 SL Black

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If you prefer to ride with the kids, then Malvern Star MX20 SL bike allowing you to explore further from home. This 20 Inch Bike comes in black. Shop now!



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Malvern Star Mx20 SL BMX Bike

It's heartbreaking sometimes to see kids that are keen to get outside and do a bit of exercise, but the bike they have to ride is heavy, and may not even operate correctly. It will certainly encourage them to go back inside and win on that video game.

If you wish to encourage the kids away from video games and TV, sport and cycling can be just the thing, and a light, easy bike will allow the kids to venture further from home exploring new areas. Certainly makes it more enjoyable for the kids, as we are generally trying to entice them outdoors.

Lightweight bikes are designed to be easier to pedal. They achieve this with a combination of lighter weight and less rolling resistance. The bikes are simply easier to ride. Also because they can get up to a higher speed very quickly, it is easier to get their balance, so they will probably get off training wheels earlier, which makes a huge difference to the ease of pedalling. Of course, that one depends on their confidence, not just the bike.

The Mx20 SL has tyres with reduced rolling resistance, the tyres have a tread pattern that is designed to roll easily, and the casing is a higher quality. Overall this means that the bike requires less effort to pedal. Combined this with the reduced weight and they immediately notice the difference. Their confidence increases and they are more enthusiastic (hopefully the colour is right, though).

You can have the kids to test ride bikes within the shop. You will quickly see the smiles are definitely bigger, and the enthusiasm greater. We invite you to bring the kids and let them try a few different bikes, you will be able to see for yourself how much more they enjoy riding.

The weight reduction is brought about by using higher quality lighter components. Most high-quality kids bikes now have aluminium frames, but these bikes also have most components made of aluminium. The additional cost is not as great as you may expect, generally about $70. 


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