20 inch (for 5-9 year olds)

A giant 20-inch bike that will suit most kids between the ages of 5 to 9 years. Discover the top-notch 3-speed bike at Ivanhoe Cycles. Buy this 20-inch girls mountain bike online or visit our store!

The progression of sizes in kids bikes goes up in 4" steps, The smallest is 12" followed by 16", 20" and then 24". The 20" range is generally suited to the age range between 5-7, but can last a shorter child until they're 9. 

An exception to this sizing comes from BYK, which supplies14" and 18" wheel sizes. 

A new 20" bike is generally best purchased for a child aged 5-7, to ensure maximum use of the bike, while older children aged 8-9 are usually better suited to the larger 24 inch size. 

Of course their size and riding ability have a bearing upon the size of bike required, but the quality of these bikes means that they can be passed around the family as your child grows into the next size bike.

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