Xds Lightweight Mtb - Grey

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Simple, lightweight and available in a gorgeous grey color, this XDS Lightweight Mtb bike is perfect for your little biking enthusiast. Visit us or shop online.

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Xds Strike 26' 2016 - Grey/White

~~The Xds Strike lightweight kids mountain bike is ideal for children aged 8-13.

 It is very light and the next size up from a 24' kids bike, more suited to 8 year olds rather than 7. The main advantage in going to a 26' is that it will generall last a few years extra, as the frame is longer and a little higher. We sell heaps of them.

The tyres are made to roll easily, while they are not a true road tyre, they are ideal for most kids as they roll better, yet can still be used on grass and gravel areas. They are not the big, fat tyres you usually see on a kids mountain bike.

The Xds has a simple gear system that has a light action for kids hands. The levers are more expensive than the levers commonly used on kids bikes, but most kids seem to find them easier to use, they require less strength to shift. Although there are only 8 gears, it is enough for most kids, unless you live in a very hilly area, in which case you might consider the Strike 4.0, which has 24 gears, although it will be heavier.

For many kids lightweight bikes have not been available at such a reasonable price. This bike will surprise you. It is so light, yet not expensive. It is actually not much greater in cost than a heavier kids 24', and so much easier to ride.

A small thing that will suit some people is that it has a quick release front wheel, unlike many kids bikes.

It has been consistently seen as a really good bike for the pre teenager, the Strike is still one of the best bikes to consider when it comes time for your 'little boy' to step up to something bigger.

Why not come along and let your young lad test ride a few bikes, and you will see for yourself.


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