Adult Scooters

At Ivanhoe Cycles, we have a range of adult scooters from Globber. The NL range comes in a variety of wheel sizes. Starting from 125mm through to the massive 230mm diameter wheels - the quickest, most stable and efficient option in the range.


The Globber NL is the adult scooter range. These scooters have larger diameter wheels at 230mm. These wheels are also made from a bi-injection casted process for better durability.

Globber has 3 different types of scooters for adults. The range starts at the Globber NL 205, NL 230 and lastly the NL 180. For ease of mobility, these scooters can be folded within seconds and are very light to wheel around on one wheel.

All these adult kick scooters are considered big wheel scooters. The main difference between the scooter is the actual wheel size. Ideally, adults should be on 180mm diameter wheels, minimum.

Bigger wheels need bigger brakes. The rear fender brake is almost industrial and delivers exceptional stopping power for safe braking.

The advantage with larger diameter wheels is efficiency, stability and speed. Larger wheels roll further with less effort and deliver a smooth ride over rough concrete surfaces. All these scooters roll on PU wheels, that is a type of rubber. So, they're perfect for riding on all surfaces - except for rough dirt and gravel.

Adult scooters are also great for commuting, especially if you live inner city and catch public transport. They take up minimal space and can be folded within seconds. And weighing around 6 kilograms, these scooters are also very lightweight.

The handlebar on all these scooters can be folded and also height adjusted to suit different riders.