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BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross, and it’s been the cool version of cycling since time immemorial. BMX has always been defined by speed and technical stunts – usually whilst airborne.

Brands like Mongoose and GT are some of the best BMX brands because they have been at the forefront of BMX’s development since the 70’s and to this day still hold true to their roots. That’s why we still stock them; they not only represent value, they are still making really cool BMX bikes.

Even though BMX bikes can be segmented into Dirt Jump or Dirt Jumper bikes, Freestyle bikes and BMX Race bikes, at Ivanhoe Cycles our range of BMX bikes consists [mainly] of the generic type; these bikes can be ridden on concrete or dirt, and will suit the rider who is just getting into the sport.

So, there are some things you need to know before choosing a new BMX bike.

Choosing a BMX size.

At Ivanhoe Cycles, our massive range of BMX bikes start from a 16-inch wheel, progress to an 18-inch wheel then move onto the popular 20-inch wheel size.

If your 3 to 5-year-old child is off training wheels, has great balance and shows a liking for riding at your local skate park or BMX track, then consider a 16-inch BMX [usually with a 16.5-inch top tube]. As a guide, these bikes are suitable for a height range of 99cm to 122cm.

These include bikes like the:
/ Mongoose Legion L16
/ GT Mach One Freewheel
/ GT Performer Lil Performer 2018

Then we move onto the 18-inch wheel size [usually with an 18.5-inch top tube]. These are designed for kids from 4 to 7 years old and are extremely rare. As a guide, these bikes are suitable for a height range of 122cm to 137cm. Examples of an 18-inch wheel size are:
/ GT Performer JR  

The 20-inch wheel BMX is what we're used to seeing, and the main form of sizing is to measure the top tube length. We suggest the following sizing guide:

142cm - 162cm riders should be riding a 19.5-inch to a 20.5-inch top tube.
/ Giant GFR
/ Mongoose Legion L40

162cm - 176cm riders should be on a 20.5-inch to a 21-inch top tube.
/ GT Performer 2018
/ GT Phelan

176cm - 180cm riders should riding a 21-inch to a 22-inch top tube.

180cm + is really long at 22.0-inches.

As a side note, there is a BMX bike that Giant has made called the GFR which comes in two types; freewheel (FW) has a front and rear handbrake. and coaster brake (CB) which has a traditional foot brake.
/ Giant GFR FW
/ Giant GFR CB

You should consider this bike if your kid still wants the look of a BMX, but you want it to be light and easy to ride. The Giant GFR sits in between an 18-inch BMX and a full-size BMX, making it suitable for kids who are 6 years old and over. The GFR’s frame is made from aluminium, so it’s really lightweight and uses V-brakes for better power delivery. The brake lever is designed for small hands too.

The difference between a cheap BMX and an expensive one.

The more you spend on a new BMX, the more of these you get:

  1. More Chromoly (or CR-MO for short tubing). CR-MO tubes are stronger and lighter than normal. At about $459 (see Mongoose Legion L80) is where the front triangle uses CrMo tubes.

  2. More sealed bearing parts. Sealed bearings are advantageous because they do not need any maintenance - there is nothing to go wrong - because the bearing is completely sealed from water, dirt, mud and grit; in short, everything that degrades the bearings is kept out. Moving parts such as cranks, front hub, rear hub and headset bearings will be sealed on more expensive BMX bikes.

  3. 3 piece cranks. Cheap BMX bikes (usually under $300) will have single piece crank. For normal street riding, they are fine, but riders who love jumps and performing tricks will prefer the stronger 3-piece crank; because there’s less maintenance (especially if the bearings are sealed).

Hopefully, this gives you a good introduction to the world of BMX bikes. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to call either Ivanhoe Cycles store (Hallam 03 8795 1600 or Heidelberg 03 9450 5200). Or come visit, you won't’ be disappointed because we have the biggest BMX range in Victoria, if not Australia.