Balance Bikes

Teach steering balance and coordination to your toddler with this pedal-less lightweight Kiddimoto balance bikes. Check out our exhaustive range online.

Ivanhoe Cycles offers a range of balance bikes which are designed to teach kids the basics of riding. 

Balance bikes enable kids to learn how to ride at an easier learning gradient. They learn to balance a bike before they move to the next level of pedalling. 

Also referred to as training bikes, they simplify the process of learning by equipping learners with a better sense of coordination. With balance bikes kids can focus on the key skill of balancing and controlling a bike before progressing further. 

Balance bikes in Australia are gaining a great deal of popularity, because it makes it easier for the child to learn. It helps get them outside exercising instead of sitting glued to a screen.

We are home to a wide selection of kids’ bikes with features to make the process of riding easier. With our bikes, your child gets the confidence to master the skill of cycling. Sturdy and lightweight, our selection of bikes are designed to enable kids to easily manoeuvre for a smooth ride. The bikes have adjustable features to allow you to choose a height that your child feels comfortable in. Whether you are looking for ByK E-350 or ByK E-450, we have the right bike for you. Available in a range of colours and styles, you are sure to find a bike that your child will love to ride.

Ivanhoe Cycles is your one-stop platform for high-quality bike products and accessories. Our bikes are of the highest standards and it is our goal to offer an exceptional service experience to all our customers. Buy Lightweight Kiddimoto balance bikes online at Ivanhoe Cycles today. These pedal-less bikes help kids learn steering, balance and coordination to toddlers.

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