Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70 (2019)

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Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70. The best E-Bike platform in the industry. Read why it should be on your shortlist of bikes.



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Euro Bike award winner 2017. Design and Innovation award winner 2018. The most powerful E-MTB in the industry and the most sophisticated power delivery circuit available on any E-Bike today. Paired to the Rocky Mountain Altitude chassis - one of the most successful mountain bikes in history - the Altitude Powerplay was conceived.

Sounds pretty good already, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. It’s the most refined E-MTB in the world today. It’s the result of 10 years of research and testing, 80,000 hours of engineering and 3 patented technologies. Reader, this is not your average E-MTB. Check out the video, under the 'Video' tab as well for EMBN's first look. 

Rocky Mountain Powerplay Awards


You might be asking, Why? Why go to all this effort, when the boffins at Rocky can just buy some electronics from Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, Panasonic and numerous others? Because of all these systems have been tested by Rocky and there was always a compromise. Always.

Customising a drive system is an infinitely harder way to create a product. But it’s the Rocky Mountain way. No shortcuts. The Dyname project came about because none of these off the shelf systems could meet Rocky’s standards for bike handling and suspension kinematics, power delivery and aesthetics.

Design freedom and seamless integration were the key goals behind the development of Dyname 3.0. Rocky’s engineers could place suspension pivots exactly where required and shape tube profiles to define proper bike geometry - so it handles exactly like an Altitude.

Above you can see the Altitude and Altitude Powerplay overlap, and how they have been engineered within millimetres of each other.

Some important points to remember with Dyname 3.0:

1/ Dyname rotates at 1,200 RPM (a quarter of the competition’s speed) ensure better efficiency and less whine.

2/ Higher torque (while still being legal) at 108Nm. This thing is a beast on steep, raw singletrack climbs.

3/Cadence tuned to humans. Optimum power delivery occurs between 70 RPM to 80 RPM, the most useable cadence range for most riders on mountain bike trails.

4/ The most natural feeling power deliver via a magnetic field sensor that measures chain tension and position - 1,000 times a second - and outputs power accordingly.

5/ The Powerplay uses a proper bike bottom bracket. No creaking, less wear and easily serviceable.


Battery range is a tricky question to answer because it depends on so many variables. How much elevation are you climbing? What assist mode? What temperatures are your riding in?

However, as far as the quality of the battery is concerned, there is none better. A Panasonic ultra-high density battery powers the drive system and is available in 2 sizes; 632Wh and 500Wh, depending on the model you buy.

In this instance, the Altitude Powerplay Alloy 70 gets the 632Wh. Charge time is quick too, 80% of the battery gets recharged in 2:20 - 66% fast than the competition. All batteries use a 48V system that increases range, compared with a 36V battery that most others use.


The Powerplay delivers immediate power. Yes, I know everyone says the same thing but immediate power compared to what? In the graph below you can clearly see the difference in the time it takes from power on to power off - compared an off the shelf drive system.

This immediate power delivery is the result of an electromechanical torque sensor that measures chain tension and position 1,000 times a second to the brains of the drive system. The sensitivity of the drive unit is such that it produces the most natural power output; no severe fluctuations, and constant traction on slippery, raw singletrack. Kind of like having ‘Quadzilla’ legs.


If you haven't fallen asleep by now, you’ve come to the fun section. All the stuff I mentioned about power delivery, electromechanical sensors, power curves - everything - forget all of it. The only thing you’ve got to remember is, this is hands down the best E-MTB you will ride. Period.

The Powerplay has been engineered to deliver a feel akin to riding a normal push bike; it’s so smooth and natural at delivering power so precisely over the trail. More importantly, there is no adjustment period. The Altitude Powerplay corners, descends and climbs just like its non-electric counterpart.

Its centre of gravity is so low down that leaning the bike into corners is easy, bunny hopping over trail obstacles and launching jumps is so instinctive. You never think or feel like your on an E-Bike. This is perhaps the highest praise you can give an E-MTB.

Suspension kinematics and performance also carry over to the Altitude Powerplay. This means key handling traits such as pedalling efficiency and braking traction are carried over.


There are 3 assist modes; Eco, Trail and Ludicrous. Yes, you read that right.

Through the E-Bike Motion App, you can go into ‘Engine Settings’ and adjust the level of assistance in each mode. The default setting in Eco, Trail and Ludicrous is 40%, 60% and 100%. If your local trails are reasonably flat with gentle undulations, you can change the assist in Eco from 40% to anything below this value. Or if you want to increase the Trail mode, that too can be done without changing the other values.

The E-Bike Motion app shows the rider everything from speed, distance, gradient and temperature. It can also be connected to a heart rate sensor to display heart rate. There are voice alerts on incoming calls and texts, but the voice will also tell you how much battery you have left. Everything is done through a Bluetooth connection. The phone doesn’t have to be in front of you, as long as it’s on your person.

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