Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 70 (2019)

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Click here for a full preview of the brand new Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Alloy 70 (2019). We explain why this is the best E-MTB you will ever buy.



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If you’re reading this then you’re probably searching for the best electric mountain bike (E-MTB) money can buy; cutting edge technology, superb handling and pleasant aesthetics - you want absolutely everything - blended into one stunning package. No compromises. Well, the Instinct Powerplay delivers. I’ll explain how.


The Instinct Powerplay is the second E-MTB platform introduced by Rocky Mountain (the first was the Altitude Powerplay). Engineered for 29-inch wheels and based around 140mm of suspension travel; it’s designed for riders who love long epic rides, prefer to have their wheels on the ground and are riding mostly intermediate level trails, with the occasional single black diamond trail thrown in for excitement.


If you are a semi-experienced or experienced mountain biker who wants to transition to an E-MTB. Or if you’re a first-time mountain biker, who wants to get fit (this is important) and start on an E-MTB that doesn’t compromise handling and will accelerate your skill and growth as a rider. I’ll explain why Powerplay is the best for mountain bikers in the Power Delivery section below.


Yamaha, Shimano, Panasonic, Bosch and others are all off the shelf electronic systems. So how do you make the best - the very best - electronic system designed specifically for E-MTBs? You do not use an off the shelf package. Because there are always compromises. Some are happy to make those compromises, but you’re not. Right?

So, you go the infinitely harder path and design a drive unit from blank. Which is exactly what Rocky Mountain’s engineers did. Realising early on that nothing on the market could deliver the exceptional ride quality that their brand is known for, the custom path was the only path. This whole concept birthed Rocky Mountain's Dyname drive system. Now in its 3rd generation, it's taken 10 years of research, 3 patented technologies and 80,000 hours of engineering. It is the most sophisticated power delivery system available on E-MTBs. 

All of this engineering and technology delivers a natural and holistic approach to power transfer; the Instinct Powerplay ‘feels’ just like pedalling a normal bike. It’s the highest praise I can give an E-Bike. And this is how it works.


The concept behind producing Dyname was to create a system that seamlessly integrates into one of Rocky Mountain’s original platforms - the Instinct. The system had to be light, compact and powerful. The power delivery also had to be precise. Unlike road cycling, mountain biking isn’t always about consistently applying power; it’s about applying the right amount of power in the right situation, and it’s about taking power off quickly when needs require.

Dyname mimics these real-world rider behaviours. To achieve this, it has the fastest torque response time, as seen below.

Rocky Mountain Powerplay Torque Response

A magnetic field measure chain tension and instantly delivers this input to the brain the drive. When the chain moves and you shift gear, Dyname is already reacting; the electromechanical torque sensor is measuring chain tension and postion - 1,000 times a second.

When you’re climbing and you need to pedal kick to lift the front wheel, power needs to be delivered instantly. Off the shelf systems experience lag, or, worse, deliver too much power causing a loss of traction or understeer. You can see from the graph above how quickly the Dyname 3.0 responds to torque.

The Instinct Powerplay delivers a maximum torque is 108Nm (and 770 Watts of maximum power). Most off the shelf systems typically deliver 70Nm-80Nm. The closest is the Specialized Turbo Levo that delivers 90Nm of maximum torque and 560 Watts of peak power (Ref, 

The Instinct Powerplay delivers a maximum torque is 108Nm (and 770 Watts of maximum power). Most off the shelf systems typically deliver 70Nm-80Nm. The closest is the Specialized Turbo Levo that delivers 90Nm of maximum torque and 560 Watts of peak power.

Rocky Mountain Powerplay Power VS Cadence

Not only has the power delivery been perfected, but the Cadence range has also been analysed. Mountain bikers do not pedal above 100RPM; at such a  fast rate your not applying enough torque and you’re sure to lose traction. The optimum range is between 65RPM and 85RPM, both for real-world mountain biking and Dyname 3.0. 

So, we know the Powerplay has class-leading torque and we know the speed at which you pedal is important. There’s one more thing, and it’s how you pedal.

Mounted behind the black cover is the torque arm. The torque arm is what determines how much additional power to deliver - depending on how much power you’re putting in and your pedalling technique. The more force you generate at the pedal (the more pressure you place on the pedal), the Powerplay increases the power delivery. Now, if your pedalling technique is poor and you mash the pedals, you will receive mushy power. What you’re essentially doing here is moving the torque arm (power-on) then releasing the torque arm (power-off). What you need to do is pedal smoothly - in circles - and the torque arm will constantly be engaged; therefore delivering power consistently and smoothly.

This characteristic of the Powerplay will also make you a much better rider. You’ll be able to notice when you're pedalling poorly, correct it and the system gives you instant feedback.

Lastly, Rocky’s engineers have designed the layout of the chassis so that it runs a traditional bottom bracket and crankset. This means no creaking, easy maintenance and normal bike parts.


The Instinct Powerplay Alloy 70 uses a 632Wh battery and one of quickest battery charge times. This is one of the key upgrades over the Instinct Powerplay Alloy 50 (and Altitude Powerplay Alloy 50) models, both of which use a 500Wh battery. Bigger battery equals more range. 

Rocky Mountain Powerplay Battery Charge Times


This is the top of the range build for 2019. It features a Fox Performance suspension system (E-Bike specific, of course), SRAM GX 12-speed (also E-Bike specific), big quad-piston hydraulic disc brakes, sealed bearing hubs including DT Swiss’ new E-Bike Hybrid hub for the rear.


At the front, the Instinct Powerplay features a Fox 34 Float Performance fork and Fox Float DPS rear shock. Both are tested veterans and are seen on trail bikes everywhere. To set both up correctly, the following are Fox’s tuning guides:

1. Fox 34 Float E-Bike Tuning Guide
2. Fox Float DPS Tuning Guide

We do a full suspension setup in store for each individual rider. Both suspension units use air springs, and also feature rebound adjustment.


Besides paying with a credit card, we also do a 3-month Layby or interest-free finance through Zip Money (up to 18 months). With Zip Money, you can also split payments. You may want to put X amount on a credit card/savings and the rest on Zip Money.

If you have any further questions, would like a test ride or purchase please contact our Hallam, Heidelberg or Hoppers Crossing store.     

S, M, L, XL
Sram Guide RE / Sram Centerline 200mm

Matt Black/Pearl Gloss Black/Red
Brakes Levers
Sram Guide RE

FORM™ Alloy. Full Sealed Cartridge Bearings. Press Fit BB. Internal Cable Routing. 2-Bolt ISCG05 Tabs. RIDE-9™ Adjustable Geometry + Suspension Rate. Li-Ion 632 Watt/Hr Battery
Sram PG-1230 11-50T

Fox 34 Float Performance E-Bike, 140mm travel
Sram NX Eagle

Rocky Mountain AM 780mm
Race Face Aeffect Cinch 34T

Rocky Mountain 35 AM
Bottom Bracket
Race Face BB92 24mm

WTB Volt Race
Race Face AR 30

Rocky Mountain 35 AM
FSA Orbit NO.57E

WTB Volt Race
(F) Rocky Mountain Sealed Boost 15mm, (R) DT Swiss Hybrid 370 Boost 148mm

WTB 2.3-1.8-2.0

Sram GX-1E Eagle, 12 speed
Maxxis Rekon EXO Tubeless Ready 29 x 2.6 / R = Maxxis Rekon EXO Tubeless Ready 29 x 2.6

Front Derailleur
Fox Float DPS EVOL Performance, 140mm rear wheel travel

Rear Derailleur
Sram GX Eagle, 12 speed
Extras / Other
Drive: Dyname 3.0 250w / 48v, Battery: Li-Ion 632 Watt/Hr Battery, Remote: iWoc Trio

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