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Buy Xds E-Cruz Urban Electric Bike Online at best price. Bike fitted with a powerful BaFang motor with 5 torque settings. Shop now.



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E=bikes, have quickly gained a strong following, especially in Europe and Asia, but increasingly here in Australia too.

Five or six years ago, E-bikes were hard to find and were only stocked by boutique stores. But with improvements in availability and reliability, along with price reductions and a broader range to choose from, Ivanhoe Cycles began selling E-bikes 3 years ago. 

Some people still have some doubts as to their suitability for their needs, some even ask if they will lose fitness because of it!

If you too have some doubts, fear not, as almost all possible scenarios have a positive response.

One downside is the increased weight, but unless you plan to regularly lift it into a car or carry it up a flight of stairs, then it's not really a worry as riding the bike is easy (and fun).

There are many and varied reasons why someone may consider an E-bike. Some common reasons just from the last week or two in the shop are............'I've lost my licence and I have to get to work'. ....... 'I'm sick of sitting in traffic for an hour and then paying a Kings ransom for parking' .,,,,,, 'I love riding, but it's too far to and from work' ..... ' I want to do some exercise and get a bit fitter before it's too late' ...... 'I'd ride to work, but (a) we don't have a shower, or (b) I can't take a change of clothes with me every day' ..... ' There are too many hills in my area'. These and probably many others are reasons why even a non-cyclist should think about an E-bike.

An E-bike isn't a magic elixir, but it is a remedy for all of these 'issues'.

No licence is required for a start. So remaining on the right side of the law only requires the purchase of a helmet.

The traffic jams will still be there, but finding an easier less congested route is easier by bike and when you arrive, parking is a breeze.........,. and free! 

An E-bike won't magically shorten the distance, but what it will do is extend YOUR range. You will have the capacity to ride further with less effort.

Some have the notion that an E-bike won't provide a fitness and health benefit, but this is far from the truth. Almost by stealth, you will get fitter and healthier as you pedal even though the electric motor takes over when the hills rear up in front of you. After a few weeks, you may even find yourself dialling down the power assist so that you get an even better physical workout.

Not having a shower at your workplace is a hurdle easily overcome, by showering at home, putting on your work clothes and cycling off to work .... without raising a sweat! Dialling up the power assist then an easy rotation of the pedals, will see you bopping along at 20 or 25kph with a minimum of actual effort.  

Hills, the sworn enemy of most cyclists are a point of derision for E-bike riders. Just today I rode from Heidelberg along Lower Heidelberg Road, over the cutting and along Burke Road into Kew. Without a drop of sweat and hardly a raised heart rate, I easily cruised over the cutting at 24kph. Magic. Of course, if you are more comfortable at a lower speed, just cruise along within your comfort zone. 

At Ivanhoe Cycles, we have a good variety of E-bikes with a fairly broad price range.

Among our entry level models is the E-Cruz from XDS. 

Fitted with a powerful BaFang motor, which has 5 different torque setting.delivering up to a huge 80 Nm of Torque in the Max. setting.

  1.  = 100% of your effort
  2.  = 175%
  3.  = 250%
  4.  = 300%
  5.  = 360%

The battery is a 36v 11 amp hours which has a charge time of 3 hours.

  • Weight of motor    3.9 kg 
  • Weight of battery  3.0 kg 

Normal battery life is at least 500 charges, so will see out many years of riding without a reduction in power or efficiency.

Some E-bikes have a strong surge when the motor engages, whereas the E-Cruz's BaFang has a more gradual engagement and may be preferable for more timid or less experienced riders.

Call in and check out our range.  



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