XDS E-Cruz Womens E-Bike

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Shop Xds E-Cruz white Urban Electronic Giant Bike Online. Fitted with a powerful BaFang delivers a huge 80 Nm of Torque with 5 power assist settings.



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Fitted with a powerful BaFang motor with 5 torque settings.

The BaFang delivers a huge 80 Nm of Torque with 5 power assist settings

  1.  = 100% of your effort
  2.  = 175%
  3.  = 250%
  4.  = 300%
  5.  = 360%

Battery 36v 11 amp hours - Charge time 3 hours

  • Weight of motor    3.9 kg 
  • Weight of battery  3.0 kg 

Normal life at least 500 charges

E-Bikes have gained enormous popularity in Europe. It is not the case in Australia. Yet......

I have heard lots of objections, they are too expensive, our weather conditions are not ideal, they are too slow, etc. Yet whenever someone takes one for a ride, they come back with this huge smile on their face. The comments are always positive, most of them along the lines of "Wow, I had no idea these were so much fun". Probably the greatest drawback is that created by Australian authorities in limiting their top speed to 25kph. 

What I have found is that you can regulate how much exercise you wish to have by controlling the riding speed together with the power setting used. If you wish to get more exercise, you can push the bike along in excess of 25kph, but if you tire, you can drop back to 25 and take it easy. Of course, the great advantage is that when you encounter headwinds or steeper inclines and the speed drops the motor kicks in and allows you to maintain the speed at around 20-25kph.

In terms of cost, the initial outlay can soon be recouped if you commute. The cost of a new battery is around $600, and even you only got around 20,000 km per battery using it on the middle power setting, then the cost would be a mere $0.03 per km. It would be considerably less on the low power setting. It is inexpensive, whether used for fun or commuting. 

The indefinable aspect of this is the ability of people to go on longer adventures. It becomes quite feasible for a person who doesn't usually exercise to go out for a 50-100 km ride. You could explore the local bike paths, or ride up to the Dandenongs on the rail trails, maybe ride in and around Southbank. Heaps of options not only become available, but also realistic. And all the while you will be gaining fitness while you are having fun.

Sound good? Why not come and have a free test ride.


15" or 17"
Shimano M355 Hydraulic Disc

Brakes Levers

XDS Alloy 700C
Shimano HG31 11-34T 8-SP

XDS Alloy / Cr/Mo 700C x 28.6
KMC 1/2”×3/32”×114L

Xds 660mm 6° 31.8mm Black
BaFang 1/8" 3/32" 38T, Alloy Black

XDS 28.6mm E:80mm H:41mm 7° Black
Bottom Bracket

YBT Black
Xds alloy 700C×19×14G×32H A/V Black

XDS 28.6mm E:80mm H:41mm 7° Black
28.6×?44×30mm 10pcs H=22mm

YBT Black
KT Alloy 14G×32H M9×100×108mm Q/R Black 10s

FP 9/16 aluminium
Stainless Steel

Shimano Acera - 8s
700C×38C 30 TPI A/V

Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Acera M360 7/8-SP
Extras / Other
BaFang Max 01 - 250W Mid Drive, 36V/250W,MAX 25KM/H,CL:49mm,W/Controller,

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