XDS E-Voke Ladies

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A lovely, comfortable step-through ladies electric bike. Economically priced and very simple to operate. RRP $1699



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XDS E-Voke Ladies E-Bike

There seem to be a few misconceptions regarding E-Bikes. 

  • The first seems to be that they would be hard to control. This is simply incorrect. The moment you stop pedalling the motor switches off. The system is called Pedelec. It does not require a throttle, it is proportional to the amount of effort you apply to the pedals. No effort=No power. A pedelec system has a small control usually 3-5 setting to allow you to regulate how much assistance is applied. On the lower setting,  it is usually about 75% of the effort you apply. On the highest setting, it is usually 3-4 times the amount of effort you apply.
  • Next is the idea that you will lose fitness. Some research has been done, which indicates that you do not lose any fitness. In all likelihood, you will still apply as much effort as you previously did. You may simply use the bike more. It will certainly open up new avenues of fun and fitness for you.
  • Another is that they are too heavy. Yes, they are heavy, but unless you have to lift them upstairs, or into a car, it is easily manageable. Although they weigh more, the bikes roll well, and of course, when you hit a hill, the magic happens, the motor cuts in and helps you take on the steepest hill you can find (you may even find yourself looking for steep hills, instead of avoiding them).

The Xds E-Voke is a particularly easy bike to ride. The step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting easy. The controls are simple to use, and as I explained the power comes on very gently, and stops the instant you stop pedalling. 

The rear rack and mudguards make it use every day. Just add a basket, zip down to the shops, and pull up outside the shop you wish to enter, no parking worries and it will easily carry food for 2. A larger family may require 2 trips per week. Easy! 


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