Xds E-Rupt Mountain Bike

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Buy Xds E-Rupt E-Bike at Best price online. Bike travels 100kms on low power Mode and about half of that on Normal Mode. Shop now or walk into our store. Now $2299



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XDS E-Rupt

If you have never tried an E-bike you are in for a real treat. They are such fun to ride. Think what it is like to go for a ride an be undaunted by the thought of hilly terrain. You can be cycling along at the speed that is comfortable for you. That may be 20, 25, 30 or more. It really doesn't matter. You put in the amount of effort that suits you, no-one else. If it is too much effort you turn it up to a slightly higher setting. Then when you reach a hill and the speed starts to drop the motor kicks in, and assists you up the hill. Hills become no real problem, it is just different scenery. Easy!!

If you wish to go out for a day, you can rest easy. The range is over 100kms on the lower setting. Of course, if you are concerned, you can carry the charger with you, just so you don't have to worry. A quick charge (30mins) at some friendly persons power point will give it a new lease of life. If you really do anticipate doing around 100kms a day, then they are starting to come out with small boost packs to give additional mileage.

Many people would ride more if they could keep up with their riding partners (or potential riding partners). With an E-bike that is no longer an issue. Some people may feel that it means that you are not exercising. If they think that, they have not ridden an E-bike. It is a simple, valid way to gain fitness. You may start off using a setting of 2, 3 or 4, but before long you will be able to ride along at the lowest setting, and possibly above 25kph, so that the is little or no assistance. Your fitness will build up at a level that you are comfortable with.

Overall this is leading to such freedom. If you are like me and not quite as fit as you would like to be, and find some of the rides you would like to tackle a bit daunting, then an E-bike just opens up such opportunities.


Fitted with BaFang M330 250w Pedelec Assist system with 5 torque settings.

  1.  = 100% of your effort
  2.  = 175%
  3.  = 250%
  4.  = 300%
  5.  = 360%

The range varies according to conditions, but a guide is 100kms on Setting 1, and about half of that on Setting 3.

Battery 418 watt hours - Charge time 4 hours to 100% (2 hours to 80%)

  • Weight of motor    3.9 kg 
  • Weight of battery  3.0 kg 

500 charge cycles without significant power loss.

Walk-assist mode for extra support.


Based on Shimano field testing, the confirmed ranges are as follows*

* Range may vary due to weight, road and weather conditions.



Brakes Levers




Bottom Bracket






Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur
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