Torpado Sportiva 24 Womens

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Similar to the Giant Cross City Disc, the Sportivo must be on your shortlist of bikes to consider. It's got a modern aluminium frame, Shimano components and...


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Torpado Sportiva Womens (24 speed)

This is probably not a name you’ve heard before. In fact, I would be very, very surprised if you had. But, if you’re considering a bike like the Giant Alight City Disc, then the Sportivo must be on your short list. I’ll explain why.

It’s made from an aluminium frame. Yeah, I know, all recreational bikes are aluminium these days, but it’s still light and well made. It’s not a fancy triple butted hydroformed piece of art; nonetheless, it will be reliable and will probably outlast you.

For a city bike, it’s got slightly wider tyres than normal. They’re 38mm wide, instead of the typical 32mm wide tyre we see on bikes like the Giant Cross City. What does this mean? It’s less prone to punctures, faster (yes, you read that correctly) and delivers a smoother ride over rough bitumen surfaces. In fact, it happens to replace suspension in a way and it’s a trend that we're seeing more and more. No suspension, wider tyres. This way the bike’s weight is still light to commute and ride long distances - without sacrificing comfort.

Equipped with a complete Shimano drivetrain, gear changes are not going to be clunky and rough. A total of 24 gears means that you’ve got a gear that will get you up and down the steepest inclines comfortably. Another key feature of the Sportivo is the brakes. They’re hydraulic. As a commuter or even weekend enthusiast, you have to consider getting hydraulic disc brakes on your net bike. You won’t regret it, I promise.

They make life easier. Hydraulic disc brakes will not need as much maintenance as mechanical disc brakes. For example, the brake pads don’t wear out as quickly. They don’t need to be adjusted as frequently; in fact, they automatically adjust to the correct pressure as the brake pads wear down. See? Very cool. Lever feel is lighter too. Much, much lighter than conventional brakes. I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to try it when you’re in our store next. The lever can also be adjusted for smaller hands.

Double wall rims are not something we get asked about - ever. But they’re important to all riders. Compared to cheap single wall rims, double wall rims will not buckle easily and they deliver more strength, without excessive weight.

We are selling the Sportivo with or without mudguards and rack. So you have both options.

The Sportivo is available in medium, large and extra large frame sizes. So, we’ve got a bike to suit everyone from 173cm and upwards. Check the stock listing above though to be sure.

See you in the store for a test ride!


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