Massive range of GT BMX bikes for sale in Melbourne, only at Ivanhoe Cycles. Read about the new GT product range and each model here.

Ivanhoe Cycles has a massive range of GT BMX bikes for sale in Melbourne. But if you would like to read a little more about the GT BMX range then in this section we cover details about the brand and their range for the season.

GT has been around since 1972. Their grassroots are in BMX racing and development. They not only make one of the best race bikes on the planet and their recreational range (which is mainly what we stock) delivers some of the best value money BMX bikes (which is why we sell so many). And they do some very bright colours.  

The GT BMX range is separated into two categories:


These bikes are designed for one thing only - speed.

The Race range starts off from the amateur level GT Mach One; available in 16-inch and 20-inch, which makes the Mach One the perfect option for riders just starting out racing.

Intermediate level race bikes are called the GT Pro Series which consists of 3 wheels sizes; 18-inch, 20-inch and 24-inch. These bikes have lighter aluminium frames, reverse dropouts, Chromoly forks [for strength] and integrated head tube.

GT’s expert level BMX race bikes are called the Speed Series. You should buy this if you’re seriously into racing. These bikes come in 2 wheel sizes; 20-inch and 24-inch. The 20-inch version comes in three frame sizes; Pro, Pro XL and Pro XXL. GT Speed Series BMX bikes have the lightest and stiffest aluminium BMX frame, for the best efficiency and power delivery. Both models have huge Box Pro carbon forks and 2-piece hollow crankarms.


For GT, this is their ‘do-everything’ BMX. For riders who are riding some dirt, some concrete and some skate parks. The range begins at the GT Slammer level [RRP $399] then moves up into:

/ GT Performer. Comes in 4 wheel sizes; Lil Performer [16”, RRP $379], Performer JR [18”, RRP $389], Performer [20”, RRP $459 and 4 colours] and Performer Pro [26”, $899].

/ GT Phelan. 2 models; Phelan [RRP $539] and Phelan Comp [RRP $599].

/ GT Wise. 3 models; Wise [RRP $539], Wise Comp [RRP $599] and Wise Signature [RRP $749]. Named after GT rider Rob Wise. These bikes are the longest in the GT range with top tube lengths on the Wise, Comp and Signature models measuring 21”, 21” and 21.25” respectively.

/ GT BK. 3 models; BK [20.75 top tube, RRP $569], BK Comp [20.75” top tube, RRP $599]  and BK Signature. Names after professional GT BMX rider, Brian Kachinsky. These bikes are designed for aggressive street riding and big, technical stunts.

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