Giant Anthem

The Giant Anthem bike comes in 2 flavours. The Anthem 27.5 for technical trail riding and the Anthem 29er for those that want a fast, efficient XC MTB.

Giant Anthem

The Giant Anthem dual-suspension mountain bike platform has been totally re-designed.

All 2019 Anthems are now 29ers. The 27.5-inch bikes have evolved into the Trance, an ideal trail bike, allowing the Anthem to return to a pure XC bike.

Giant has found the 29er ideal for the rigours of cross country racing, marathons, and for those that just want an off-road adventure in the hills. The suspension travel has been optimised for XC riding on tight technical trails. The Anthem has a short rear triangle to improve climbing and descents, made possible by using the new trunnion mount with reduced travel (90mm) in the rear suspension (Giant's renown Maestro Suspension system; no pedal induced motion, completely active suspension and separation of braking and suspension forces result in a smooth, controlled and efficient ride).

The revised Anthem 29er platform for this model has:

  • 100mm of suspension travel on the front and 90mm on the rear
  • The prevalence of SRAM Eagle has permeated the range. This new 12-speed groupset is definitely a front derailleur killer. It has a massive gear range that allows riders to tackle any terrain in the world; from climbing mountains to riding your local trails.
  • Updated Fox and Rock Shox suspension. The two most popular suspension brands in the industry have redesigned their suspension packages to deliver smoother small bump response and support - ensuring that you’re on the best suspension platforms.
  • The carbon models (called Advanced Pro 29er) use carbon-fibre rear triangles; the first time we’ve seen Giant go to a carbon back end in many years.
  • Sprint Lock on higher-end models; a handlebar mounted lever can turn both front and rear suspension locked out for sprinting

There are 5 models of the Anthem 29er to choose from for 2019, and there is limited stock available of 2018 models at the sale price. The 2019 models are currently available in the aluminium frame, the carbon frame bikes will be available around early December 2018

/ Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29er 0 RRP $8,999.00 
/ Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29er 1 RRP $5,999.00 
/ Giant Anthem 29er 1 $4,999.00  
/ Giant Anthem 29er 2 $3,499.00  
/ Giant Anthem 29er 3 $2,999.00 

The Anthem 29er may sound similar to the Giant Anthem 27.5 but in reality, they are completely different bikes.

There are no 27.5 bikes for 2019, but we still have some 2018 models in stock at very competitive prices.

/ Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 0 2018 RRP $7,999.00 
/ Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5 1 2018 RRP $5,999.00 
/ Giant Anthem 1 2018 $5,299.00
/ Giant Anthem 2 2018 $3,699.00 
/ Giant Anthem 3 2018 $2,999.00 


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