Giant Anthem 3 2018

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The Giant Anthem 3 2018 is perfect for the amateur mountain biker who wants a smoother ride on their XC trails and spend most of their time riding. Buy now!



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Giant Anthem 3 - 2018

For 2018, the Giant Anthem 3 delivers on exceptional value for money [even we didn’t expect how good it was going to be]. In this review, we go through whether it’s perfect for you and go through the components in a bit more detail than other web sites. And there are some interesting changes for 2018 compared with previous years Anthem 3 models.

So to find out more, keep reading.

The Giant Anthem product range has been through radical changes, especially since 2016. These changes have delivered a bike that is more confident on the descents, more controlled through corners and more stable at high speed. In short, the Anthem has diverged from a light footed cross-country (XC) marathon bike to a trail bike.

But is that a good thing?

Yes. Because customers who are attempting mountain biking for the first time, or who are not confident riders, will definitely benefit from these geometry changes.

As such, the Giant Anthem 3 is perfect for the amateur mountain biker who wants a smoother ride on their XC trails [such as Lysterfield Park] and who will spend most of their time riding a mixture of fast, flow trails and semi-technical single track.

So what’s changed? Everything. To deliver more confidence and stability a few things need to change, so nerd-speak time. Bear with me, it’s worth it.

For 2018, suspension travel has increased to 130mm [resulting in a 68 degree head angle]. This has two benefits; the first is that the front of the bike doesn’t feel nervous [it feels planted] on descents, inspiring more confidence in the rider and second, it allows riders to make errors. This can be through poor line choice through that sharp rock garden or nasty tree root section, it doesn’t matter because the front of the bike will just absorb the impact and move on. The front of the Giant Anthem is just not perturbed.

One more note on stability. The 2018 Giant Anthem 3 is spec’d with wider bars [+30mm] and a shorter [-10mm] head stem for each size. Wide bar/short stems deliver riders a better position on descents [more rearward position of the body] and less-twitchy steering; resulting in more stable handling.

For the first time ever, Giant has delivered a dropper-seat post on the Giant Anthem 3. The dropper post is a big-deal for most riders because it allows riders to adjust the height of the seat post [as you’re riding] depending on the gradient. On descents, the seat height can be dropped quickly [without getting off the bike] and raised again for climbs or seated efforts – all with the a lever on the handlebar.

At the heart of the Giant Anthem 3 is the ALUXX SL frame [which is Giant’s second-lightest and strongest aluminium frame]. ALUXX SL = double butted = 2 wall thicknesses. This means material is removed from parts of the frame where it’s not needed and added where it is, delivering a lighter frame and improved stiffness for better handling. The frame finish is superb; internal cable routing and smooth welds cleans the frame beautifully. Giant also use a tapered head tube at the front of the Giant Anthem; the larger [1.5 inches] bottom bearing and small top-bearing [1.125 inches], results in a stiffer front-end which means the Giant Anthem 3 tracks better through rough corners and descents [due to less flex].

The frame is designed around Maestro; the linkage layout that makes the Anthem 3 pedal, climb and brake so well. Giant’s engineers ensure Maestro delivers an efficient pedal stroke by eliminating suspension movement. Another important aspect of Maestro is that it separates the suspension movement from braking forces; this means when you want to slow down [by applying your rear brake] the suspension doesn’t lock and cause you to lose traction. On climbs, Maestro forces the rear wheel into the ground; increasing traction and grip.

The rear shock bolted to Maestro is the Rock Shox Deluxe R and delivers 110mm of travel. It has two key adjustments; air pressure and rebound. No lockout – because it doesn’t need one. Air pressure is critical because it adjusts something called sag. Sag is how much the suspension compresses under your weight and we aim for 20% to 25% sag. For each rider’s weight this can be adjusted easily with different air pressures. Rebound controls how quickly the shock responds after it’s been compressed; too quick and you lose traction, too slow and you also lose traction. There’s sweet spot with rebound – fast enough to cope with repeated impacts.  No lockout is required, because once pressure and rebound are set correctly, there should be no need to lock the rear suspension. The only time you need it is if you’re riding on sealed roads to get to the trails.

A Rock Shox Recon Gold RL helps suspend the front of the Giant Anthem 3 on a 130mm of suspension movement. The Recon is a mid-level trail fork that uses magnesium lower legs and aluminium steerer to cut down weight. The Recon Gold features air, rebound and lockout. Air and rebound operate in much the same way as described above but with an added lockout lever for short road riding.

New for 2018 is the brand new Shimano Deore M6000 group set. This is a big deal because Deore has always been the crowd favourite for value, performance and durability. And Deore has improved drastically. The cassette uses a new larger gear range of 11T to 42T [compared with 10T to 36T]; so you can climb steeper gradients more easily. Updates to the derailleur and shifters means smoother gear changes, improved precision and better durability.

Tubeless technology is here. It means the Giant Anthem 3 comes tubeless ready out-of-the-box. No messy conversion, just nice clean setups. Tubeless has several advantages;

  1. No tube inside eliminates surface friction between the tube and tyre, delivering a smoother sensation and less rolling resistance.
  2. Sealant inside the tyre prevents pinch flats by sealing the pinch in the tyre almost instantly.
  3. Riders can run lower pressures without pinch flatting easily, delivering better grip and control – particularly over rough rocks and tree roots.

Each wheel rolls on Giant Tracker sealed bearing hubs. This means grit, mud and dust don’t contaminate the wheel bearings and you roll further with less effort. Maxxis Forekaster tyres use an EXO side wall and different widths front [2.35 inches] and rear [2.20 inches]. The Forekaster’s are a great all-round tyre; perfect for hard pack, loose and even muddy conditions; the tread pattern has wide open areas to shed mud easier. The EXO sidewall is thicker, so will be resistant to pinch flats and cuts, and most importantly will seal better [less porous] when it comes to adding tubeless sealant.

Giant have a Lifetime Warranty on the frame, Shimano and Rock Shox have 2 years on parts and 1 year on all else.

XS, S, M, L, XL
Shimano M365 hydraulic disc, 180mm

Brakes Levers
Shimano M365 hydraulic

ALUXX SL grade aluminium, Maestro 110mm travel, Boost
Shimano HG500, 11-42T, 10sp

RockShox Gold RL Solo Air, 15x110mm Maxle Lite, OverDrive steerer, 130mm travel
KMC X10-1

Giant Contact trail rise, 31.8mm
Praxis Cadet, 30T

Giant Connect, 8 degree
Bottom Bracket
Praxis press fit

Giant Contact, Neutral
Giant XC1, tubeless

Giant Connect, 8 degree

Giant Contact, Neutral
Giant Performance Disc, 28H

Stainless steel, 14-15g

Shimano Deore, 10sp
Fr: Maxxis Forekaster TR, EXO, Folding, 27.5x2.35’’, Rr: Maxxis Forekaster TR, EXO, Folding, 27.5x2.2’’

Front Derailleur
RockShox Deluxe R Debonair, Trunnion mount

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Deore Shadow+
Extras / Other

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