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Shop the brand new GFR range at Ivanhoecycles. Find the best Giant BMX Bikes, perfect for kids, Online. Extremely light, responsive, and easy to ride.

Giant has produced an entirely different kind of BMX, and we think a smart one. Most kids are attracted to the cool side of BMXs, often ignoring the impracticalities of riding a BMX; you can’t sit on the seat and ride, they are not always the lightest and younger kids do not always have the finger strength to pull the brake lever.

This is where the Giant GFR range comes in. Both models are built with aluminium frames; ensuring weight is kept to a minimum; making the bike easier to ride and manoeuvre for kids. There are 2 models to chose from freewheel [FW] or coaster brake [CB].

The Giant GFR Freewheel has no foot brake, instead, kids have to rely on a front and rear hand brake to stop. Each brake lever is properly designed for kids; small, ergonomic and with adjustable levers, so that the levers can be adjusted to sit closer to the handlebars for small hands. The Giant GFR Coaster Brake version is exactly the same bike, the rear brake is simply replaced with a foot brake.

Both GFR’s are properly designed for younger kids too. Though both use the full-size 20-inch wheel [a good thing], the frames are more compact to deliver an easier reach to the handlebars. The bar is also lower and slightly narrower for an easier turning radius and steering.

As expected from Giant, pricing is sharp. The Giant GFR Freewheel is RRP $349 and the GFR Coaster Brake is $319.

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