Giant Fathom 29er

The Giant Fathom is the go-to high-end recreational mountain bike for enthusiasts, beginner mountain bikers and general fitness riders. Find out more here.

We get customers who don’t want an average mountain bike. They want something that’s better. Better gears, brakes, suspension, handling and overall quality. That’s where the Giant Fathom slides in. Australia has 2 Giant Fathom mountain bikes; the Fathom 29er 1 and the Fathom 29er 2. Every model comes in different frame sizes to suit different height riders. Sizing is typically done in-store where we can get the best fit for your physical size.

Each Giant Fathom is made from aluminium, which Giant refer to as ALUXX SL. This level of aluminium is both lighter and stiffer than that used on Giant’s mid-level and entry-level mountain bikes, like the Giant Talon and Giant ATX. The advantage with ALUXX SL is the chassis delivers better off-road handling.

Giant Fathom 29er 1 (2019) RRP $2,299.00

This is the top of the range Fathom. The Fathom 29er 1 has a far more mountain bike driven setup. Everything from the latest Shimano SLX gears, air sprung suspension and hydraulic disc brakes are equipped to deliver the best control and handling.

So if plan on riding mountain bike trails at Lysterfield Park, Red Hill or the You Yangs then the consider the Fathom 29er 1. Currently, we also have the 2018 version on special. It’s exactly the same bike, with only a colour change - that’s all.

Giant Fathom 29er 2 (2019) RRP $1,499.00

While not quite as adept as handling mountain bike trails as the Fathom 1, it’s still very good and much better than the average mountain bike. The Fathom 29er 2 still has all the basics to have a great time out on the trails; air-sprung suspension, dropper post, hydraulic disc brakes and the most affordable of Shimano’s performance-level components.

Both Giant Fathom mountain bikes come standard with tubeless wheels. This means there is no tube inside the tyre. A sealant is there instead. When you experience a puncture, the sealant inside the tyre instantly seals any cut up to 3mm in size. No tyre levers or getting stranded on the side of the road necessary.

Feel free to browse each Giant Fathom product below, where we’ve got more information specific to the bike.


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