Giant Reign

Everything you need to know about the Giant Reign. We cover geometry, suspension, model range and what's changed for 2018. A must read before you buy.

Giant Reign

Enduro Gravity Racing has been amazing for the sport of mountain biking. It’s the only type of racing where you need to be the complete mountain biker; a rider who can climb a mountain or two – literally – and then have enough courage and breath to descend the other side. And as quickly as possible, obviously. This is why Giant created the Reign.

To get the most out of the Giant Reign, you need to ride it fast. There is no other choice. So to understand how the Reign keeps you upright when you’re riding at your limits, we’ve put together a bit of an information page, to help you understand the bikes better.

Giant has equipped every model of the Reign with 160mm of rear wheel travel, matched to 160mm front suspension travel; making it the most travel you can get on a Giant mountain (that can still climb) before going to the hardcore downhill bike, the Glory. Head tube angle on the Reign bikes is a slack 65.0° with 114mm of Trail (the amount of contact surface on the trail) for pre-2018 models.

NEW FOR 2019

For the model year 2018, Giant has made small incremental changes to the Reign platform to deliver a bike that allowed the rider to push their limits even further. When you need to go faster to win races, the bike has to evolve to accommodate.  

All 2019 models have the same head tube angle [64.5°], just with more trail at 120mm, delivering even better high-speed stability. Every Giant Reign frame size has increased Reach by 15mm, and stem length on the M, L and XL have decreased by 10mm to 40mm, 40mm and 50mm, respectively. Bar size stays the same width at 800mm.

The new carbon upper linkage plays an important role in the development of the 2018 Giant Reign platform. Firstly, it’s eliminated an area where there was flex in the frame; therefore increasing the Reign’s torsional stiffness, for more precise handling.

Giant has designed the linkage to specifically use a trunnion style shock mount too. This is a big deal for Giant because they wanted to attain the benefits of this mounting system for the Reign, having used it on the Giant Trance and Giant Anthem before this. The rear shock is mounted directly on the body, and not using eyelets. The overall shock length is shorter but the stroke is longer; this creates a lower leverage ratio, meaning the bike will feel like it has more travel than it actually does.

What does this do? Lots. The rear shock becomes really supple in the first 25% of its stroke, improving small bump performance and braking traction. You have more control braking into corners, and riding steep technical trails.


In Australia there will be 4 Giant Reign mountain bikes to choose from:

Giant Reign Advanced 0 2019 (RRP $8,999)
Giant Reign Advanced 1 2019 (RRP$5,999)
Giant Reign 1 2019 (RRP $5,499)
Giant Reign 2 2019 [RRP $3,699)

Giant Reign SX 1 (RRP $4,499)

Advanced models simply mean that the Reign is made from Giant’s Advanced-grade composite [carbon]. The frame is monocoque [one-piece] to reduce weight and increase stiffness. This is why carbon frames are sought after by experienced riders; they’re more precise in their handling, dampen vibrations for comfort and climb smoother. 

Below we go into a little more detail about each Reign and Reign Advanced model we stock.

The Reign SX 1 is an additional model for 2019 that is slightly different. It uses a 180mm travel fork paired to 160mm travel rear shock. Essentially it’s a Park bike.


DVO suspension has become Giant’s new suspension partner for all their flagship bikes. Giant and DVO have tried to extract more performance out of the Trance, Reign and Glory platforms. You can read more about that here.

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