Giant Road Bike

Ivanhoe Cycles delivers the best range of Giant road bikes in Victoria. Whether it's the Giant Propel Advanced, Giant TCR Advanced or the Defy Advanced series...

Giant road bikes are the most sought after brand of road bike in Australia.

It is often implied that "Everyone has a Giant", and there is a good reason for this being a statement of fact rather than a derogatory term. Giant road bikes are just so good and such great value for money, why wouldn't you want one.

While there are many high quality bicycle brands available these days, Giant road bikes dominate when it comes to range and value for money.

Every Giant road bike is built for a purpose. The Giant Propel Advanced series is the best in class performance road bike for sprinters and those in the pursuit for all out speed, aerodynamics and efficiency. The Giant TCR Advanced is the complete all-rounder and perfect for the rider who loves to climb; it's lightning fast, comfortable and can perform on climbs with the best. And the Defy Advanced; our most popular bike because it delivers supreme comfort, stability and confidence, making it perfect for the rider who wants to experience road riding - without the discomfort. 

There really is a Giant road bike to suit all riders and riding conditions at prices to suit a wide range of budgets.

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Giant AnyRoad CoMax 2016

$2499.00 $1999.00

Giant Contend 1 2017

$1099.00 $899.00

Giant Contend 1 2018

$1099.00 $999.00

Giant Contend 2 2018

$899.00 $799.00
Giant Defy Composite 2 Giant Defy Composite 2

Giant Defy Composite 2

$1999.00 $1299.00

Giant Revolt 2 2016

$1599.00 $1199.00

Giant TCR Advanced 2 2016

$2299.00 $1899.00

Giant TCR Advanced 2 2017

$2299.00 $1699.00

Giant TCR Advanced 3 2018

$2099.00 $1599.00