Giant road bikes are the biggest selling and most sought after brand of road bike in Australia.

It is often implied that "Everyone has a Giant", and there is a good reason for this being a statement of fact rather than a derogatory term. Giant road bikes are just so good and such great value for money, why wouldn't everyone want one.

While there are many high quality bicycle brands available these days, Giant road bikes dominate when it comes to ran …

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Giant Contend 1 2018

$1099.00 $899.00

Giant Contend 1 2019

$1199.00 $949.00

Giant Contend 2 2019

$999.00 $899.00

Giant Defy Composite 2

$1999.00 $1299.00

Giant TCR Advanced 3 2018

$2099.00 $1499.00

Giant TCR Advanced 3 2019

$1999.00 $1799.00