Giant Revolt 3 2016

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The Giant Revolt 3 has is fitted to take racks, so it ideal as a commuter or a touring bike. With the new Shimano 24 speed gear system and disc brakes it is great value at only $1099



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Giant Revolt 3 - 2016

Revolting it isn't, but just how and why Giant chose to name this range of bikes Revolt is unclear.

A likely reason is that it is a bike that due to its versatility, is not restricted to a certain style of riding or riding conditions. Not constrained by the normal conventions that classify a bike as 'this' style or 'that' style. 

The Revolt is a style of bike that revolts against the normal practice of designing and marketing a bike as being fit for a single particular purpose. 

A Revolt is not just a road bike, although with some skinny tyres you'd be hard pressed to find any flaws. It's not a racing bike, but how many of us actually race!

You couldn't class it as a hybrid, however fitted with some 40mm tyres, it is a versatile commuter on roads or bikepaths, able to get you to work and back with safety and ease.

It's not even a Cyclo Cross bike, but fit the correct tyres for the purpose and a Revolt performs as one, even in wet, slippery muddy conditions....... and keep in mind those disc brakes when the going gets down and dirty. 

A Revolt isn't even a touring bike, but it has the right gearing to be one, and has eyelets for easy fitment of a pannier rack so you can load it up and head off on your adventures.

A Revolt may be none of these specific styles of bike, but what it is, is a bike that cleverly combines the attributes of all these styles into one of the most versatle of bike designs without too much compromise in any area.

The Revolt is a bike that opens a world of opportunity for the cyclist who recognises that not every one can afford, or have the room to store multiple bikes.

The cyclist who needs/wants/would love to have, a bike that is multi use.

The cyclist who him/herself goes against the grain occasionally in their exploration of the great outdoors.

Rather than ride past a gravel track and wonder what s down there?  the Revolt draws you down that path, instigating a sense of exploration and adventure many of us haven't experienced since we were children when for the first time we discovered the big wide world from a bicycle seat.

The 2016 Revolt 3 is the new entry level model and amazingly sells for just $1249.  

These days a lightweight aluminium alloy frame and composite front fork are often seen as de rigueur, and the Revolt doesn't disappoint with both components of the usual high standard from Giant with their now famous lifetime warranty.    

What will surprise many is the level of components fitted to the Revolt 3.

Disc brakes are an obvious bonus that will benefit most users, particularly if the intent is to ride in varied conditions as the stopping power and reliability is superior to standard brakes.

The 24 speed Shimano gearing system has a sufficiently wide range of gears to allow most riders of most fitness and ability levels to ride up and down most hills, even with loaded pannier bags.

An unseen bonus is the strength and reliability of the wheels. They feature dual walled rims, which are much stronger than conventional rims and are ideally suited to this style of bike that will often see use under harsher conditions than many bikes can handle. In addition, the wheels are assembled with stainless steel spokes which will never rust  and are stronger than conventional spokes adding to the overall reliability of the bike.

The Revolt 3 may be too ambiguous for some people, but for a lot of us it will be seen as a god-send as it comfortably fulfills so many of our cycling needs all in the one great looking package.   

S, M, M/L, L, XL
Tektro Mira, Mechanical disc, 160mm

Matte Platinum Bronze
Brakes Levers

ALUXX SL-grade aluminium
Shimano HG51 11-32T, 8sp

Advanced-grade composite, Alloy OverDrive steerer

Giant Connect XR Ergo-control, 31.8mm
FSA Tempo, 30-39-50T

Giant Connect
Bottom Bracket
Threaded, Sealed

Giant Connect, forward

Giant Connect
Giant Alloy, Double-wall

Giant Connect, forward
Alloy Disc, 32h

Caged Platform
Stainless Steel, 14g

Shimano ST-2403, 24sp
Giant S-RX4, 700x35c

Front Derailleur
Shimano R-2403

Rear Derailleur
Shimano R-2400
Extras / Other

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