Giant Talon

We offer Mountain Bikes for boys & this is a premium bike that is designed to match the enthusiasm of your child. Walk into our store to gift him one.

The Giant Talon is a popular choice amongst riders; from the novice cyclist, wanting a general purpose machine to someone seeking off-road adventures.

Every Giant Talon mountain bike rolls on 27.5-inch wheels, which in our industry is now considered a common wheel size. For 2018, the Giant Talon mountain bike range consists of two options:

Giant Talon 2 2018 RRP $999
Giant Talon 3 2018 RRP $749

Briefly, the 2018 Giant Talon 2 is the better spec mountain bike in the range. You should buy this if you are going to be riding more unsealed bike trails, fire roads and amateur mountain biking single track - such as at Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park. This is because the Giant Talon 2 is better suited to more off-road terrain. There is also a considerable difference is quality between the Giant Talon 2 and Talon 3; suspension, gears, brakes and wheels - so, everything. Read more about each bike below in our product pages.

Riders should consider the Talon 3 if they’re going to spending more time on tamer unsealed surfaces and bike paths; such as Rail Trails. For consistent off-road use, we’d recommend upgrading to the Giant Talon 2 or check out the XDS Boss 4.0 and XDS Boss 3.0 (these are amazing).

On that note, you should also read about and check out the new range of 2018 XDS Boss mountain bikes. The range includes:

XDS Boss 4.0 2018 $899 (Matte Orange/Black or Matte Black/Orange)
XDS Boss 3.0 2018 $1,299 (Satin Neon Yellow or Matte Black)
XDS Boss 2.0 2018 $1,699 (Matte Black/Blue)
XDS Boss 1.0 2018 $2,299 (Matte Black/Fluro)

For those that want premium quality, the Boss range will meet your requirements. XDS have created these bikes as dedicated mountain bikes; they are at home on singletrack mountain bike trails (but can be used elsewhere). No corners are cut. The frames are the best we’ve seen and you get way more value than with other brands. Check them out here.

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Giant Talon 2 2018

$999.00 $899.00
Giant Talon 2 2019 Giant Talon 2 2019

Giant Talon 2 2019

$999.00 $899.00

Giant Talon 3 2018

$749.00 $729.00

Giant Talon 3 2019

$749.00 $729.00