Giant Trance

Giant Trance Bike is perfect for all day adventure and long in-the-saddle climbs. Equipped with 140mm of rear wheel travel on the 27.5 or 115mm on the 29er this makes a great choice.

Giant Trance Mountain Bike Range at Ivanhoe Cycles

The Giant Trance range is available in 2 wheel sizes; Trance 29ers or 27.5in.

Within the wheel size are 2 types, carbon (called Trance Advanced) models or aluminium models (called Trance 1, 2 or 3 depending upon equipment level). Every 27.5 Giant Trance comes equipped with 140mm of rear wheel travel and is suspended on the front with 150mm of travel, whereas the 29ers have been designed to use a low leverage shock which allows great handling while minimising travel. The Trance 29ers operate best on 115mm at the rear and 130mm at the front.

27.5 or 29er? It appears there are many opinions, but overall, there is little difference in actual performance over varied terrain. But, the bikes definitely feel different, so riders will have a preference for one or the other. Certainly, the size of the rider can influence this. Smaller riders will often prefer the feel of the 27.5. See our article

Either Trance is perfect for the trail rider; someone who needs to climb out of necessity to tackle technical descents, for the rider who loves being on the bike all day and who wants utmost stability and confidence.

Giant 27.5 Trance family is composed of 2 aluminium models:
2. Giant Trance 2 2018 RRP $3,699.00
3. Giant Trance 3 2018 RRP $2,999.00

Our most popular model is by far the Giant Trance 2. The Trance 2 has several key features that ensure that it's a worthwhile upgrade over the Trance 3; namely, suspension, drive train and wheels.

Then there’s the Giant Trance Advanced (carbon) family:
1. Giant Trance Advanced 0 RRP $8,799.00
2. Giant Trance Advanced 1 RRP $5,999.00

Why go carbon? And is it worth it? Yes, it is.

Giant’s Trance Advanced bikes are made from a monocoque (one piece) carbon front triangle. The benefit of carbon is that it helps mute and dampen impacts and vibrations. When you land a jump or decide to charge through tree roots and rocks, little impact is felt. This leaves you fresher for longer rides and it’s a bit easier on the body too.

Another important reason to consider a carbon mountain bike is better handling, and therefore control. Carbon is stiffer, it doesn’t flex as much as aluminium. So the line that you choose the ride is exactly the same line that the bike stays on. Sounds simple, but it’s not. On an aluminium frame, if you've tried cornering over tree roots and rocks it’s impossible to hold your line. On carbon it’s different; rocks and tree roots don’t deflect you from your line choice as easily. Delivering much more control.