Giant XTC 29er

Learn everything you need to know about the latest Giant XTC Advanced mountain bikes. We cut through the marketing, focusing on benefits and features...

Giant XTC Advanced

Giant’s XTC is a dedicated cross-country mountain bike. This means for anyone riding smooth trails such as Lysterfield Mountain Bike Park or the You Yangs (Kurrajong area), the XTC Advanced is the perfect bike to do it on.  These bikes are built for short, intense rides [such as dirt criterium racing], as well as being suitable for less experienced riders who are after a comfortable riding position and maximum efficiency for longer rides and adventures.

The word Advanced after each XTC means it’s produced from Giant’s second-tier carbon fibre which they refer to as Advanced-grade composite frames. These frames are made from a monocoque [one-piece] mould which makes them very light and stiff – the perfect blend to go fast.

Five models of the XTC Advanced are available in Australia; four of these use 29er wheels and 1 uses the new 27.5+ wheel size [called the XTC Advanced 27.5+, RRP $3,499]. This last mountain bike is really interesting because for most riders who spend their time on smooth to semi-technical trails and singletrack, it perfect. Find out why here.

The other four XTC Advanced models range in price from:

XTC Advanced 29er 0 [RRP $8,499]
XTC Advanced 29er 1 [RRP $5,199]
XTC Advanced 29er 2 [RRP $3,699]
XTC Advanced 29er 3 [RRP $2,799]

In each case, the frame is exactly the same; however, the components do vary significantly. Find out more information on each XTC Advanced mountain bike click the below product page.

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