Haro DoublePeak Sport 27.5

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Haro DoublePeak Sport.

Generally for around $600 you get a bike with a cheap gear system, reasonable brakes and hopefully, adjustable suspension. This is OK, but often a bit frustrating to ride. In the case of the DoublePeak Sport, the whole package is good quality, specifically designed for recreational use. The gears work well, brakes are fine, and the suspension is great.

The Sport has a 24 speed Shimano Altus gear system. The Altus system was designed as good mid-range recreational level. That means that it is easy to use, with a relatively light action (ideal for kids) and durable enough to handle some fairly rough treatment, although they are certainly not indestructible. The gear range is ideal for riding around the suburbs, sure it would not cope with serious off-road, but the bike was not designed for that. A great addition for about $10, would be a derailleur protector, which is a safeguard in case the bike is dropped, not that our kids would do that!

The frame is made of aluminium to keep the weight down, yet it is strong and rustproof. The paintwork looks great and is baked enamel, which resists chipping and scratching. This paint finish is so tough it will still look great in several years time, although it may have a scratch or two. The gloss finish is retained, even after being left outside night after night.

The frame is fitted with Suntour XCT suspension. These are fitted to a wide range of bikes because they are so reliable. There is not much to go wrong with them and require little maintenance. They are adjustable, so that they can be set for various rider weights, and have a lock-out feature so that the suspension can be turned off when greater efficiency is required. The lock-out feature is gaining popularity since its introduction to save wasting energy when the suspension is not necessary (most of the time on bike paths).

This bike comes with disc brakes, a feature usually reserved for bikes over $600. The advantages of disc brakes are that it is very easy to remove and refit the front wheel. The braking efficiency is great, and in the event that the rim is damaged (usually through tackling gutters or deep potholes with less skill) the brakes will still operate effectively.

Of course, the saddle and the hand grips are soft and comfortable.

Overall, this is a great bike for so little money.


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