Haro DoublePeak Trail 27.5

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2017 Haro DoublePeak 27.5 - equipped with Shimano Alivio, Suntour XCT 34mm. On Sale $599



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Haro DoublePeak Trail

The Haro DoublePeakTrail range has evolved to become an ideal choice for recreational enthusiasts because of the DoublePeak’s exceptional value for money, great ride quality and versatility; whether it’s some time spent on Lysterfield Park’s recreational mountain bike trails or riding around the local bike paths.

The DoublePeak Trail accommodates the 27.5-inch wheel standard. It has come as no surprise that most companies have adopted this wheel standard as a replacement for the smaller 26-inch wheel because the advantages are both real and practical.

  1. The larger diameter wheels mean better rolling efficiency; more ground covered for the same number of pedal revolutions.
  2. For mountain biking, the advantages are better tyre traction and the wheels easily roll over trail obstacles such as tree roots, small logs and rocks.
  3. The 27.5-inch wheel diameter allows frame designers to finally create an extra small size frame that has the advantages of the larger wheels, something that was unable to be done with the even larger 29-inch wheel standard.
  4. The 27.5 wheel allows the bike to have better manoeuvrability, and agility, a critical handling trait for mountain biking.

The DoublePeak Trail represents a significant improvement in the drive train by using a combination of Shimano Altus and Alivio components to create a 27-speed drive train.

The result of using this level of the drivetrain is that there is a significant difference in the quality of each gear shift. The chain shifts smoothers across the rear cassette, and the front gears work smoothly as well because of the improvement in the front crankset.

Therefore the Trail represents a significant drivetrain upgrade; perfect for someone who wants to invest in a bike without the need to upgrade parts once they start using the bike frequently. For mountain biking, a better quality drive train is worthwhile because it performs better in the harsher off-road conditions; from the depths of muddy winters through to the dust of dry summers with very little ongoing maintenance.


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