Haro Flightline Two 27.5 Mountain Bike

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The Haro Flightline is ideal for a young rider, just beginning to venture off-road. Equipped with 21 gears, front suspension, and disc brakes. It is ideal at only $489



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Haro Flightline Two 27.5 Mountain Bike

How is this for value for money: Well designed aluminium frame, Suntour suspension, Shimano 21 speed gear system,

Tektro disc brakes and comfortable saddle!

haro have been producing quality bikes for 40 years now. many of us had a Haro bike when we were kids or envied our friend who had one. The quality has not changed, they are still great bikes, although better known in the US than in Australia.

This bike is a great intro bike for a boy entering into mountain biking. It is tough enough to tackle the occasional off-road adventure, but ideal for getting to school and back, or to go and visit mates.

Tektro disc brakes are reliable and fitted to many brands of bikes. They stop well but respond to a gentle application where appropriate, yet require far less maintenance than 'V' brake systems. Kids are not always great at maintaining their bikes.

A 21 speed Shimano gear system will provide an adequate gear range for most riding conditions. While 24 or 27 speed systems are better, they cost considerably more. A great feature of this bike is the cassette rear hub. They are much more durable than a standard rear hub, and it is unusual to see on a bike at this price point.

Most parts on this bike are lightweight alloy. Apart from the obvious benefit of reduced weight, aluminium has the added feature of not rusting, so it is less important when the bike is accidentally left outside.....

The frame is made of aluminium, which is great as it is lighter and longer lasting. But additionally, the frame design is ideal for growing kids. The top tube is lower than most because of the gusseted seat tube, which extends well above the top tube, allowing for greater post extension as your child grows, yet a younger boy can stand over the bike when they first receive it.


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