Giant Roam 1 Disc 2018 - Small

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Giant Roam 1 Disc 2018

The Giant Roam 1 would be most accurately described as the sports hybrid in Giant’s recreation range, with additional features that ensure a quality ride and superb longevity. 

 The Giant Roam 1 is designed for the rider seeking a versatile hybrid that can accommodate dirt and gravel surfaces, as well as on-road use. It’s a tamer and milder version of a mountain bike, with a small amount of suspension that reduces the severity of harsh impacts and improves comfort, with the longevity and power of hydraulic disc brakes for all-season riding. The Roam 1 is also extremely comfortable, efficient and smooth, thanks to the high-quality Shimano drivetrain. 

 The Roam product range has been one of our more popular hybrid choices because it suits riders of all skill sets and is also adaptable to a wide range of applications; riding with kids, touring, commuting, rail trails or bike paths. 

In true Giant fashion, the quality and value far exceed the price point. The front suspension fork is the SR Suntour NCX-D that uses an air spring with hydraulic damper. The difference between the hydraulic damper and elastomer is quite significant. Upon riding you will immediately find the hydraulic damper feels smoother and more controlled throughout its movement. The hydraulic damper also has longer useful life. Additionally this suspension has a mechanical lockout which allows the suspension to be switch off, preventing any movement when riding on sealed and smooth surfaces, when greater efficiency is desired.

  Another significant part of the Giant Roam 1 that deserves a mention is the drive train. Consisting of 30 gears, the drive train is referred to as Shimano Dyna Sys. This is the most efficient setup that is available from Shimano and not only does it make climbing and descending more efficient, the gear shift quality is ultra smooth, reliable and durable, requiring very little maintenance once the drive train has worn in.

  Shimano Deore components are featured throughout various parts of the drive train. Deore has always been the entry-performance groupset. A few years ago Deore was refurbished completely; updates to every single component means it’s the best Deore Shimano have ever created. From shifters, chain, derailleurs and cranks; Deore is more ergonomic, more durable and shifts smoother. 

  Additionally, the Giant Roam 1 features the Shimano Deore M521 crank that consists of 26-36-48 teeth on the chainrings; a low enough gear for climbing steep gradients and high enough to speed down the other side. The important feature of the crank is the external bottom bracket; where the bearings are placed external to the frame. The reason why this is such a big deal is;

  1. Bearings on the outside of the frame reduce flex and improve power transfer and pedalling efficiency. 

  2. The bearings are much larger in diameter than a standard internal bearing crank and can, therefore, sustain greater loads, while increasing the rotational smoothness. Bigger riders will definitely benefit from the setup.

  3. The Q-Factor is wider, so the pedals are slightly wider apart which improves comfort and control. 

  Furthermore, the use of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes means confident braking in all weather conditions and less maintenance of the brake system. Often customers tend to think it’s the other way; hydraulic disc brakes eliminate the need maintain cable tension whenever they stretch or pads wear down. 

  Convenient additions to the Roam 1 build will appeal to all consumers such as sealed hubs to reduce on-going maintenance and tubeless tyres to improve puncture resistance.

  Oh! The seat is now more comfortable.

S, M, L, XL
Shimano M365 hydraulic, 160mm

Dark Blue
Brakes Levers
Shimano M365 hydraulic

ALUXX grade aluminium
Shimano HG5010, 11-36T, 10sp

Suntour NCX-D LO Air w/lockout, 63mm travel

Giant Connect, low-rise, 31.8mm
Shimano M521, 26-36-48T

Giant Connect, 8 degree
Bottom Bracket
Shimano ES300 sealed

Giant Contact Comfort, Neutral
Giant SX2 disc, tubeless

Giant Connect, 8 degree

Giant Contact Comfort, Neutral
Alloy disc, 28H

Stainless steel, 14g

Shimano Deore, 30sp
Giant CrossCut AT2 tubeless, 700x38c

Front Derailleur
Shimano Deore

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Deore
Extras / Other
X-Defender down tube protector

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