Giant ToughRoad SLR 0 2019

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Shop Giant ToughRoad SLR 0 2019 Hybrid Bike at Ivanhoe Cycles. New breed of bike with just 11 speed gears. For more Toughroad Bikes, Visit us.


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Giant ToughRoad SLR 0 2019

The Toughroad SLR 0 is an interesting bike. Calling it Toughroad makes sense, but just as easily it could have been called a Giant 'Fastmountain', or something similar. 

The Toughroad is a wide tyred (50mm) 700c hybrid style bike without suspension.

Or the 'Fastmountain'  description could have read, 'non suspended 29er Mountain Bike with 2 inch tyres'.

The Toughroad SLR 0 has a carbon fibre front fork fitted to a superlight aluminium frame, forming a formidable chassis on which to assemble a range of high quality components. 

From the factory, the Toughroad is fitted with 700 x 50 tyres, which is a great size for off road riding, bike paths,  dirt and gravel tracks and trails or off road touring.

The Toughroad SLR 0 is the top model in a range of 3 bikes. Each shares the same frame and fork with the quality of the components varying between models.  A significant difference is the gearing that is provided with each model. Depending on your use for the bike and your fitness/strength level, one model may be more suitable than the other. If you are interested in a Toughroad, but are uncertain which one, call in for some helpful advice. 

The Toughroad SLR 0 is one of the new breed of bikes with just 11 speed gears. A simple arrangement, it has just one chainring at the front and a wide range 11 speed cassette at the rear. The lowest gear ratio being 24 inches with a top gear of 94 inches.

This Toughroad SLR 1 is the middle model which has an 11 speed setup with a single chainring at the front and a wide range 11 speed rear cassette. The lowest gear ratio being slightly lower at 22 inches with a higher top gear of 110 inches

The base model Toughroad SLR 2 is a 27 speed bike, arrived at by 3 chainrings at the front and 9 sprockets at the rear. The lowest gear ratio being 18 inches with a top gear of 110 inches

So, the SLR 2 has the widest gear range, but has the heavier and more complicated mechanism.

This SLR 1 has a slightly higher bottom gear and the same top gear from a slightly lighter, slightly less complicated mechanism.  

The SLR 0 low gear is slightly higher again and the highest gear is a fair step down, but the mechanism is the lightest and least complex with just one chainring and no front derailleur. All of the other components are also of a higher standard than the lower 2 models.


XS, S, M, L, XL
TRP Slate T4, hydraulic disc, 160mm

Brushed Aluminium
Brakes Levers
TRP Slate T4

ALUXX SLR-grade aluminium
SRAM PG-1030 11-42T, 11-speed

Composite, with alloy steerer

Giant Contact, Low Rise, 31.8mm
SRAM GX 1000, 36T

Giant Connect
Bottom Bracket
SRAM GXP, Threaded

Giant Contact Neutral
Giant PX-2 Disc

Giant Connect

Giant Contact Neutral
Giant Sport Disc, Fr: 28H, Rr: 32H

Platform, Caged
Stainless steel, 14-15g

SRAM GX, 11sp
Giant Sycamore w/puncture protect, 700x50c

Front Derailleur

Rear Derailleur
Extras / Other

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