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Shop Giant ToughRoad SLR 1 2018 Hybrid Bike at Ivanhoe Cycles. A true adventure bike. Comfortable to ride over a day or riding over a country. Buy now.



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Giant Toughroad SLR 1 [2018]

The Toughroad has been an exceptionally popular model for us over the last 2 seasons and 2018 should be no different. Hopefully, after reading this short review/preview of the 2018 Giant Toughroad SLR 1, you�ll be able to fully understand the product you�re buying or about to buy, or why it will suit your particular requirements.

What�s interesting about the Toughroad SLR 1 is that it looks like a big, heavy beast of a bike � but it�s not � because it�s made from Giant�s top-of-the-range SLR aluminium. What the big deal about SLR? Well, lots actually.

SLR is the heart of the Toughroad. Toughroad SLR frames are made from a 6011-A alloy which has amazing strength-to-weight. State of the art butting delivers wall thicknesses that are 20% thinner (and lighter) than the ALUXX SL frames (step down). The Toughroad�s unique tube cross-sections are attained using sophisticated fluid forming processes; fluid is injected at a very high pressure to force the tube into intricate shapes. The frame is also triple butted; which means it uses 3 different wall thicknesses depending on the where the stress is most on the frame.

Why go to all this effort?

Because various parts of the frame have different load requirements. Giant can make every part of the Toughroad over-sized, but then it would weigh a tonne, it would be terrible to climb hills and mountains with and acceleration would be fractionally faster than snail�s pace. The SLR way has more merit; built light enough to enhance the ride quality, but strong enough to withstand some serious adventures.

SRAM GX is integral to the Toughroad SLR 1. GX is perhaps the most versatile drivetrain in SRAM�s range. The GX system here runs a very wide gear range that suits everything from flats to gentle undulations to steep, sustained climbs. GX is also built tough. The rear derailleur is built with a stabiliser mechanism built into it; this stabiliser prevents excessive chain movement and rough chattering that occurs when you�re riding fast over rough terrain. All the linkages and pivots used in the derailleur are over-sized, so frequent abuse isn�t going to hurt it.

The S1000 crankset is also external bearing. You will notice 2 black cups on either side of the frame; these are what house the crank bearings and they are outside of the Toughroad�s frame � hence external. Placing the bearings on the outside means the bearings can be made larger; they can, therefore, support greater loads, greater torque (think steep climbs), rotate smoother and last longer. So you see why external bearing cranks are a big deal as the rider.

Yeah, but is the Toughroad SLR 1 comfortable?

Light and durable are great things, but you need to be comfortable, whether you�re planning to ride the Warburton Rail Trail or trek across Spain. And yes it�s very comfortable. Here�s why:

  1. D-Fuse carbon post: The seat post is moulded from carbon in the shape of a �D�. Why is this so awesome? Because it flexes � a lot � and significant dampens vibrations and impacts, so your pelvis and lower back aren't�sore.
  2. Carbon fork also mutes impacts so that you don�t feel it through your hands � think kilometres of unsealed gravel and corrugations � especially by absorbing high-frequency vibrations.
  3. 50mm wide tyres. Or balloon tyres. The optimal pressure range for these tyres is 30psi -40psi depending on rider weight and terrain. Having tyres this wide does not increase friction; in fact, they will roll faster and you will exert less effort than 37mm wide tyres at similar pressures (ref. German Sports University Cologne).

If you�ve never experienced the joys of hydraulic disc brakes, then do yourself a favour and buy your next bike with hydros. Why? Less maintenance, more power, better control � in every condition. The TRP Slate X2�s are no exception. They are twin piston hydro with top loading pads (pads can be replaced from the top, and no need to take the wheel out).

So is it a worthwhile upgrade over the Toughroad SLR 2?

It is if you�re looking to do some seriously long rides in some very ugly conditions. The carbon D-Fuse post, better brakes and drivetrain will get you to some remote places � comfortably � and back again.

Every Giant frame comes with a Lifetime Warranty (worldwide), 2 years on SRAM, 1 year on all else and 2 Free Services that are valid for 12 months.


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