Torpado Sportivo 24s

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Buy Esperia Sportivo Flat Bar Hybrid Bike at Ivanhoecycles. Bike with great control and best suitable for urban area traffic. For more bike options, Visit us.



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Flat bar road bikes have always been popular in the urban environment. With the upright position and firm grip of the handlebar, you have great control of your bike at all times and can navigate through busy traffic with confidence, if riding on the road. On bike paths, the excellent handling leads to greater confidence and the light frame and quality running gear reduce the effort required. 

The selection of gears is designed to suit different road gradients you may find yourself on. Up or downhill, the Shimano Alivio shifts easily, with sufficient range to ensure you’re in the gear you want to be.

The Torpado Sportiva has all of that plus more. Looking at it, the first thing you notice is how sturdy it looks. And it is. It has its typical European flavour to it, a bicycle designed to work and work for a long time. Esperia builds their frames from quality alloys sourced from reputable suppliers and welds them using high-tech equipment to produce a durable yet elegant bicycle. They’re not chasing any industrial design awards with urban bikes, but it is their goal to make a bike you’ll feel happy to ride.

We love the details too. Look at the fenders. We believe a city bike without fenders is a bit of a miss. Yes, a naked city bike has its place but if you want a go-anywhere-anytime bike, fenders are great, no doubt about it. Just like the robust pannier rack at the back. Common sense, really, and this is what the Sportiva is — an urban commuter built with common sense in mind.

Another sensible touch is the 38 mm tyres with puncture protection. They are wider than most competitors in this class of bikes because wider is plushier and safer too.

Speaking of safety, disk brakes are common these days on urban bikes and of course, Sportiva has them too. Hydraulic brakes on the Sportiva gain more safety for you on the road. Hydraulic brakes are smooth and easy to engage in all weather conditions with a touch of your fingers. Giving sure, powerful braking with those 38 mm tyres.

The Sportiva offers a 24-speed Shimano Alivio system. With a triple chainring at the front, and eight speeds at the rear. Pick whatever suits your needs best.

Designed and built for commuter and recreational cyclists, you’ll love riding this bike to work, around town, or even on longer journeys to improve your fitness and wellbeing.


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