XDS Venture 2.0 (2018)

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Similar (but better) to the Giant Roam 2, the XDS Venture delivers amazing value and exceptional quality. Frame manufacturing is superlative, and the component selection is performance driven. We go through in detail why you should...


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XDS VENTURE 2.0 (2018)

The XDS Venture 2.0 is a bike that took us by surprise. It’s not your run of the mill hybrid and also delivers value in spades.

Why and how?

XDS is a massive manufacturing business; producing about 7 million bikes every year for a range of bike companies globally. As such they can and will pack value into their products - particularly their frames. In an industry where bike frame manufacturing is not a particularly well-known area, it’s clear to see the distinction in quality when gazing upon an XDS frame - especially the Venture 2.0.  


Quality aluminium tubing is formed into complex profiles to reduce weight and improve stiffness. A flat thin top tube meets with super slim seat stays to help flex and absorb vibrations, as does the ultra-slim seat post. High-end features permeate the frame such as:

1/ Smooth weld areas on all joins of the Venture 2.0 frame deliver an exceptional frame finish and aesthetic.

2/ A tapered head tube stiffens the front of the bike and delivers better cornering control and handling.

3/ A massive (but light) rectangular cross-section stops the frame from twisting under pedalling efforts; ensuring all your power gets rewarded into forward motion. Flex in this area is the enemy of efficiency and you will notice a difference. 

4/ Internal cable routing helps the frame appear cleaner, sleeker and generally requires less cable maintenance. Dirt, dust and mud don’t contaminate the cables as much so gear changes are smooth even in extreme conditions.  

5/ Triple butted aluminium frame. If you were to cut the frame in half lengthways, you’ll see 3 different wall thickness. Engineers create the thickness sections where there is the most load and gradually thinner to where the load is least.

Why is this good?

Because it reduces waste; triple butting creates a lighter, stiffer frame, ensuring material is only used where it’s going to be required. It’s one the best forming methods available and to see it used on a sub-$1,000 hybrid bike is amazing.


Everything is Shimano. No mismatch. No cost cutting. No sacrificing quality. The high cost is the reason why we don’t see full Shimano equipped hybrid bikes.

The Venture 2.0 employs a much better quality Shimano gear system than what we would typically see at this price point. Everything is part of Shimano’s Alivio group set and delivers 27 gears in total; think of this as a high-end gear system for recreational riders.

Handlebar space is uncluttered and clean with the use of Shimano’s latest Alivio integrated gear shifter and hydraulic brake lever. It’s a setup we never see because of its high cost.

Another point of interest on the Venture 2.0 is the external bearing Shimano crankset. This means the bearings are placed on the outside of the bike’s frame, instead of the inside. Instead of a smaller axle (that flexes a lot), a larger diameter axle is used. This axle can support more torque and more load.

Why is this good?

Because it improves the Venture 2.0’s pedalling efficiency. It’s easier to get up to speed and maintain that speed. It makes a tremendous difference to how the bike pedals.


Suntour suspension helps suspend the front of the XDS Venture 2.0. The fork has enough travel to handle bumps and impacts from gravel and dirt trails. It can also be ‘locked’ to make pedalling easier on smooth concrete bike paths.


Kenda Happy Medium tyres are the perfect all-rounders. Their tread pattern makes them suitable for riding on concrete surfaces, as well unsealed trails such as the Warburton Rail Trail.

Wider rims also expand the tyres further, allowing the tyre to house more air and delivering a smoother ride.


XDS frames come with a:

/ Lifetime frame warranty.
/ 2 years on Shimano and Suntour.
/ 1 year on all else.
/ 2 Free Services from Ivanhoe Cycles that are valid within 12 months of purchase.

M - L - XL
Shimano Alivio hydraulic, 160mm

Matte Black/Green
Brakes Levers
Shimano Alivio, integrated

X6, Internal Routing, Tapered Head Tube, Smooth Welds
Shimano Alivio, 12T-36T

SR Suntour NEX HLO
Shimano HG53

XDS Aluminium, 700mm wide, 15mm rise
Shimano Alivio, 22T/30T/40T

XDS Aluminium
Bottom Bracket
Shimano External Bearing

XDS Sport
XDS double wall, 21mm internal width

XDS Aluminium

XDS Sport
KT alloy

14g, Stainless Steel

Shimano Alivio, integrated
Kenda Happy Medium, 700x40mm

Front Derailleur
Shimano Alivio, top swing

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Alivio, 9 speed
Extras / Other

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