Xds Venture 4.0

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Shop Xds Venture 4.0 sports Hybrid Bike at best affordable price. An excellent bike with 24 speed, light frame & lock-out suspension. Buy now.



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Xds Venture 4.0 Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes have been a staple of the bike market for many years now, evolving into the fairly staid, comfortable style of bike like the Giant Cypress. Fantastic for many people who's comfort is the main buying criteria. But some people want something a bit sportier, not one that looks like grandpa's bike, still with 700c wheels and widish tyres, a bike that is pretty fast but is rugged enough to handle some trails and paths

The Xds Venture is a bike that may well spend most of its time on road as a commuting bike, but will prove to be far more comfortable than the low posture positioning required from a road bike and yet not all that much slower.

Such a versatile bike, the Venture rides well on roads and can take curb jump every now and then as well as some slipping and sliding if you push it hard on the cycle paths. It is definitely not for hardcore mountain trails or racing along Beach Road. But perfect for that in between riding many of us do, some off road, some on trails, all with the purpose of getting a little fitter, while having fun. Fun being the emphasis here.

The Venture has a relatively light frame, with a suspension system that allows you to turn it off when riding smooth roads or when greater performance is desired. The suspension is also adjustable to suit individual riding preferences.

It has a fairly basic Shimano gear system, one that is fitted to most bikes between $500 to $700. It is a great system for recreational riding, just not designed to withstand the rigors of competition or more aggressive riding. It has a smooth light action, and is pleasant to use. best of all, it wont break the bank.

The tyres are ideal for a variety of surfaces. Anything from mild off-road to smooth bitumen. They are wide enough to provide good grip, but not so wide as to be cumbersome to ride.

Overall this is a great bike. If it sounds appealing come along a have a free test ride, so you can see for yourself.

XDS Venture 4.0 Rear Triangle

Tektro “V”

Brakes Levers

X6 HQ-672-A
14-28T 7SP INDEX AMFTZ217428T

Suntour NVX hyd lock-out 75mm travel SF14-NVX-DS-HLO

Xds Alloy 31.8 W:620mm H:20mm rise
Suntour XCC 24/32/42

Xds Alloy 31.8 80mm
Bottom Bracket

Alloy Qijian DS-26

Xds Alloy 31.8 80mm

F Alloy KT-A15F R Alloy KT-A12R

Alloy FP906

Shimano EF65 ASTEF652LSBL
700C×35C Wire IA-2562

Front Derailleur
Shimano AFDTX50L6 AFDTX50L6

Rear Derailleur
Shimano Altus 24s ARDM310DL
Extras / Other

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