Italian Road Bikes

Buy quality Italian road bikes online at Ivanhoe Cycles. We offer various brands of Italian bikes including Wilier, Colnago and Fondriest.

Someone once said, "it's not about the bike".

But those of us who ride, love and appreciate Italian bikes know, "it's all about the bike". Wilier, Colnago and Fondriest are fine examples of the inherent artistic passion of their builders.

Italians are famous for their near fanaticism toward many of the staples of Italian culture. Passions flow freely when the topics of food, wine, exotic supercars, football, fashion, history or opera are discussed. They are passionate about style and design and colour and taste. All the features that stimulate and excite the senses, not only for Italians but for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. 

Cycling is a perfect example where the dedication of designers and manufacturers, and the heroic exploits of the racers have combined to instill a love of the bicycle, which has perpetuated a circle of ever increasing passion as each inspires the other to further greatness.

Italian bikes are the benchmark for ride quality, aesthetic appeal, historical acclaim and are simply the most sought after bikes by any one who believes that it's important how a bike makes you feel, even when you're not riding it.

Below are Wilier, Colnago and Fondriest sorted by price. Si prega di godere.